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     Fitness Tips For 11/16/2011

Overtraining Test: Are You Overtraining?

By Oliver Wolter, inventor of The X-Size Program
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Do you workout too long or too often?

Are you working too hard in the gym?

Yes, you do have to work hard to build muscle and strength, but if 
you are overtraining then you effort will be wasted and your reward 
will be stagnation.

"But how can I tell if I overtraining", you might ask, "is there
an overtraining test?".

Yes, there are many ways to test for overtraining. One of the most 
accurate ways is the monitor the amount of lactic acid in the blood
after a workout. But since this requires sophisticated equipment 
that we don't have access to, a reliable alternative is to monitor 
resting heart rate.

When you workout too hard or too much, your adrenal glands release
too much of a stress hormone called "catecholamine" which puts your
body in a "wired-up" state. In this condition there is a great 
increase in your heart rate. What this means is - if your resting 
heart rate is higher then what is normal for you, then you are on 
the verge of overtraining.

A Simple Daily Overtraining Test

When you wake up, first lie quietly in bed for five minutes and then
check and record your resting heart rate.

Next get out of bed and weigh yourself and record another count of 
resting heart rate.

After your workout for that day rest for 15 minutes and again record 
your heart rate.

If you see a steady or sudden rise in your morning heart rate over 
the next 7 to 28 days, it is evidence that you are overstressing your
body and you will need to decrease the volume and intensity of your
workouts to keep from overtraining.

Also if your resting heart rate 15 minutes after your workout is 
faster then 5 beats over your morning count, you may have 
overextended yourself that day and should plan a less intense 
workout on your next trip to the gym.

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To your success,


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Overtraining Test: Are You Overtraining?

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