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"Arnold Schwarzenegger called this the most crucial area for 
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Are You Spending All Your Time Working Every Muscle Area 
but the Most Important?

Fail to get this area right and the rest of your training 
won't add up to much at all.  Unfortunately many people fall 
into this trap.

Have you been putting most of your training emphasis on 
the wrong areas?

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     Fitness Tips For 4/2/2014

Is It Possible to Overwork Your Abs

Overworking Abdominal Muscles, Don't Kill Your Waist Over the years there have been a variety of bodybuilders who have spent inordinate amounts of time on their waist. Some boasted of performing 1,000 sit ups a day to work the waist. Others have used tons of sets of crunches to attack their abs. The sad and surprising truth is that you don't need to perform mega sets and reps for the middle. Vince Gironda once said he could get world class abs in less than two months and do so on minimal amounts of sets and reps Trainer Phil Campbell points out it is a common mistake to spend so much time on the waist when you can get full effects from just a few sets. You may think "no harm, no foul" for spending a lot of time on the waist area but in effect you are wasting good training time on your waist. If you can get in a workout that fully fires up the ab muscles in 10 minutes but spend an hour on them, you have harmed your overall workout effort. Smart training means never wasting time it means taking advantage of every minute to load the full body as much as possible. If one area gets an excess overload, that costs the other areas which need it more. There is no need to kill your waist with a ton of workout material. A few simple sets and reps will fully stimulate the midsection. And the fat comes off not from the direct ab work, but rather from other exercises and diet. So don't get caught up in the massive set syndrome to try and outsmart your middle. When it comes to waist training, less is more than enough. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Overworking abdominal muscles, is it possible to overwork your abs?

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