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Paleo Diet Good or Bad

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 4/11/2018

Is the Paleo Diet Good for Bodybuilding?

Have you used the paleo diet? This approach to eating has gained some interest over the past few years.

The paleo diet is not touted as a cycle but as a lifestyle but its adherents. The paleo diet is built on the theory that our bodies should still respond like some of the earliest humans to their authentic paleo eating habits.

The paleo diet is centered on eating meats and avoiding grains and starches. There are several variations of the paleo diet - some allow some dairy, others don't. Sugar is also avoided and some paleo approaches are super strict and allow only unprocessed plants.

The paleo diet does lean out the body fairly fast as minimizing starches and sugars works quickly. And it is a good idea to always minimize sugar intake. However, not so much with starches. Starches are a great source for fuel for a workout so for most people the paleo diet should not be a permanent approach as it fails to provide adequate long-term fuel. People who try to make a long-term use of the paleo diet will come up short in the area of workout fuel and not maximize their training output.

The paleo diet is a great tool as a cyclical diet and can melt some fat off the body quickly. The paleo diet should be employed a couple of times or so a year for a few weeks each time and then you should go off the cycle and back to the type of carbs that fuel hard training.

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