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Paleo Diet Review

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/17/2019

Review of the Paleo Diet for Bodybuilding

Of all the diets to come and go over the years, the one that seems to have made the biggest impression on the bodybuilding and fitness industry is the so-called “Paleo Diet

Supporters of the Paleo Diet claim that it is the “natural” way for humans to eat and therefore the healthiest way for us to eat.

We all want to be healthy, of course, but the big question is whether or not Paleo can help us build lean muscle tissue.

To get that answer, let’s look at the guiding principles behind the Paleo Diet and try to determine how those mesh with the requirements for muscle growth.

Paleo Principles

In simplest terms, the Paleo Diet prescribes that we eat the way our prehistoric ancestors ate. The reasoning is that the 10,000 or so years that have passed since agriculture took hold is not enough time for our DNA to have adapted to the new foods we have introduced to our diets during that time.

Experts still argue about just what our cavemen forefathers ate and whether the slow-evolution argument is valid, but we DO know how Paleo adherents structure their diets.

In general, Paleo focuses on unprocessed foods that can be found in nature in the absence of farming and any kind of industrial processing.

The diet is dominated by fish and lean meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Foods to be avoided include grains, dairy products, alcohol, starches, legumes, and anything processed.

Caveman Muscle

Armed with these specifics about the Paleo Diet, it’s pretty easy to evaluate its potential in a muscle-building program.

Here are the dietary requirements for packing on mass, along with how Paleo scores in each area:

The Bottom Line

The Paleo Diet is popular in large part because it does NOT ask its followers to do anything really extreme with their eating. It’s not low-carb, it’s not low-fat, and, for many, it just feels healthy to follow.

With its focus on lean protein and whole, unprocessed foods, Paleo should be well-suited to building muscle under most circumstances.

Of course, that’s assuming that you train hard enough to stimulate lean gains, and also that you have no underlying health issues.

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