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     Fitness Tips For 12/21/2016

Pec Deck Exercise Benefits

The Power of the Pec Deck Pump Getting in the reps with bench press, hammer press and incline or decline bench presses provides your physique with a good group of training activity to build up your chest. However, this group isn't complete without one other special move. That is the pec deck mashine. Pec Deck Power The pec deck works in a unique way to allow the chest muscles to "close out" the pectoral movement in a manner that is not possible with the other lifts. Yes, the other lifts are vital and good, but the pec deck has a special involvement with the pectoralis muscles. Super Range of Motion A good pec deck machine will allow you to get a super deep stretch of the pec muscles and then a resounding crunch of the bars as they are brought together. The pec deck enables you to get a super range of motion during the course of the pec deck movement. The pec deck lets you get into a good pumping movement as well, repping out rapidly through the set. You can in fact get in several sets in quick succession and in so doing build a massive pump in your chest region. This brings in a lot of blood, oxygen and nutrients that might not have shown up if all you do is the bench press. High Placement For a real challenge, set the set on the pec deck apparatus low, which in turn makes the chest have to stretch up and out more, and gets the upper area of the pec more involved in the movement. Pec Deck Order You can perform the pec deck at the front end, middle or end of any chest routine. Bob Kennedy made the pre-exhaust approach famous, and this would include performing the pec deck first, followed by the bench press. You can experiment with your own pec deck placement in your chest routine and see what works best, as well as shaking things up now and then and changing the position in which it is performed. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Pec Deck Exercise Benefits

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