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Post Workout Nutrition

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 3/9/2022

The Best Post Workout Nutrition For Bodybuilding

The idea of a post workout pickup from nutrition has gained acceptance in the bodybuilding community and is now part of most guys approach. However, did you know that the type of nutrition you take after a workout matters? That's right, getting the parameters of post workout nutrition is vital for fully reloading your muscles after a hard workout. And there are two essential things that can be done to make the most of post workout nutrition, and interestingly, both start with L.


One of the most vital factors for post workout intake is that the nutrition come in liquid form. Why? Because solids take too long to digest. Your muscles need to be refueled right away. In fact the window for maximum refueling is only twenty minutes wide. Solid foods aren't going to cut it to make the twenty minute mark. Instead, you need something that can be rapidly ingested and digested. That means you need to go with a liquid. A liquid can be rapidly digested and put to work right away, giving the muscles a refueling when they need it the most. So your first factor is liquid - you gotta go with a liquid refueling.


The second factor is leucine. Your body needs leucine right after a challenging workout. University of Illinois nutrition professor (Donald Layman) points to research that shows that taking the amino acid leucine right after a workout can shorten the downtime your body needs between workouts. In other words, your muscles recover more quickly. A study performed by Layman revealed that when leucine was ingested within 15 minutes of the completion of a workout, the leucine appeared to quick-start the key protein rebuilding process - indicating that muscles can recover more quickly, and that the body can be better prepared for the next round of heavy exercise.

So there is your second parameter for a successful refueling - the fuel needs to include leucine. It needs to be liquid, and it needs to contain leucine. Hmmm, what meets that requirement? Milk. Milk is liquid and milk contains leucine.

One other good reason to use milk after workout is because milk is another glutamine-rich food and contains 0.5g of glutamine for every 4oz.

Always use milk as a base when using it for post-workout protein shakes.

So there you have it - go with milk and get those muscles refueled.

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