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Pre Party Pump

Pumped Extreme Review

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Frank Perri

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 12/26/2018

Pre Party Pump Workout

By Shaun Swilling

The pre party pump is actually something that professional bodybuilders have been doing for years, before they walk on stage. Any bodybuilder will know that "pumped up" feeling well, especially those who train with high volume. But competing aside, even if you only added a few pounds of muscle in the last 6 months you could flood those muscles with blood and they'll look and feel almost double the size.

This Pre-Party Pump workout below is specifically engineered for maximum blood-flow straight to your muscles, before your buddies arrive to pick you up. To get those shirt splitting muscles the man staring back at you in your bathroom mirror should not be concerned with how much he can lift to get a pump but rather how many reps before failure, with bodyweight or light dumbbells or barbell.

If you head to your gym and do the workout below before a big night out you'll pump up your size by as much as 10%, making you feel and look better as hopefully your favorite clothes will look like they custom cut. The action plan could be something simple if you're unable to get to the gym, just do 100 push-ups using as few sets as possible.

If you want some serious pump in your upper-body and you can get to a gym, then flooding your muscles with as much blood as possible is the objective. You won't be training your chest first, just to have it deflate right before leaving the gym. Rather, pump all your muscles together, leaving you looking big and pumped everywhere.

Perform all exercises one after each another, then rest only 1-2 minutes and do another circuit again. The routine below is something a professional bodybuilder would use just before they go onstage, where your imperfections have no place to hide. If it works for them, then imagine the impact it'll have on you.

Chest inflator

Incline D/B bench press (4 X 25 reps); working upper-chest, shoulders, triceps and abs

Clothes hanger neckline

D/B upright rows (4 X 20 reps); working traps, arms and forearms

The sleeve stretcher

Close-grip bench-press (4 X 15 reps); working triceps, chest, shoulders and abs

Widen your frame

D/B lateral raises (4 X 20 reps); working shoulders

Pump your biceps

Elastic bands bicep curls (4 X 60 reps finish in 60 secs); working biceps

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