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     Fitness Tips For 8/27/2014

Back to the Future Workouts

During the 1950's a seismic shift took place in the bodybuilding world steroids started to become available. And although not many knew about these powerful chemicals, they soon made their way into all corners of the training scene. And like every other sport that steroids eventually corrupted, steroids blurred the lines between who was natural and who wasn't. In baseball it caused many to consider putting an asterisk by some record holders. In track it caused many to have their medals taken away. But in bodybuilding it was murkier as there have been no sure-fire tests to determine who did and who didn't use chemicals. So the question was always did the gains come from the training and the diet, or was it the roids? Pre Steroid Era Bodybuilding Routines For those who want to build a big body naturally, the only approach is to go back to the future. And what that means is to dig into the pre-steroid era, to find out what the best bodybuilders were doing just before steroids took over their scene. Full Body Workouts One of the more popular training tools from the pre-steroid era was a full body workout. The bodybuilder would work all the major muscle groups in one shot, and do it two to three times a week. Each muscle group was worked with 1-3 exercises, depending upon the workout, for a typical repetition range of 6-8 per set. Using a whole body routine cranked the metabolism up and got the blood into all the muscles at once. It let the bodybuilder have quite a bit of rest. When the body is worked on three days a week, it gets four days for growing and rebuilding. The steroid boys keep the body under a load all the time and even though the hyped up action they have via the chemicals may let them train and train, in the end it comes crashing down because the body really does need a significant amount of rest. And that's not just the muscles, it is the nerves, the bones, everything needs adequate repair and regrowth time. Without it the body eventually breaks down. And many steroid uses are like shooting stars a big blast off to the top, and then they disappear. Not so with the old time bodybuilders. They smartly employed a training rotation that allowed them to give the body the rest and recovery it needs. And in so doing they provided a path forward for decades, not just a few years. Why did many of these guys have great bodies in their 60s, 70s, even 80s, while many of the pros today are dying in their 40s? The steroid versus natural factor looms huge here. So too does the wisdom of giving the body time to rest, repair and recover. So the first factor to rediscover from the pre-steroid era is the importance of rest for full muscle growth. The full body workouts also tended to utilize more compound movements and work the body as a whole. This provides for a more athletic body. That's another difference between the pre-steroid era bodybuilders and today's chemical-using crowd the first group was a lot more athletic. Muscle Manna & More The pre-steroid era bodybuilders obviously didn't use steroids but they did have one natural food source that acted like a steroid, but without side effects. This was the muscle manna, milk. Milk has a very powerful effect on the body due to its insulin like action in the body. One of the most common food elements in the diets of the guys who grew the most was milk. Whole milk is perhaps the best food element of all you that you can use to promote muscle growth. The pre-steroid era bodybuilders seem to know this innately and drank a lot of milk. Some would even drink a gallon or so a day, and in turn grew like crazy. Heavy doses of milk and metal added up to lots of gains. Milk wasn't the only item these guys used. There was also an innovative protein powder that worked like dynamite - Rheo H. Blair's protein powder. Blair's concocted a recipe centered on nonfat dry milk and egg white protein with additional dried whole eggs added, along with some vanilla flavoring and iron phosphate. This wasn't any old protein powder either. The milk and eggs were processed in a unique manner - a low-heat vacuum that handled the protein in an undenatured form. One other item on the menu lots of liver tablets. Vince Gironda, one of the top trainers of the era, was a big proponent of taking liver tablets throughout the day and his methods caught on. Symmetry Gironda's dietary advice wasn't the only impact he had on this era's thinking. Gironda was big on the symmetrical physique and that was the hallmark of the day a symmetrical build. Many of the top lifters had tremendous symmetry, tiny muscular waists and big muscles to boot. These guys were not just concerned about getting bigger muscles, they wanted some symmetry in the development as well. Bigger was better, but only if that "bigger" was well-built and balanced. Rotating Workouts Some of the bodybuilders of the pre-steroid era would also use a heavy day/ pump day split. This split saw the first workout (or two workouts if the body was divided out) focused on heavy lifting. The second part of the split, toward the end of the week, would feature a workout that was a pump style session with lighter weights. This seemed to produce good results, hitting the muscles with two different types of stimulus each week. Super Squats The high repetition squat came of age and rose to prominence in this era as well. You don't see too many people performing squats anymore, let alone the high repetition version. This was a brutal workout but produced big results. Many guys realized double digit gains on this routine, and did so very quickly. Crosstraining Strength These guys were the original crosstrainers. They didn't camp out on just bodybuilding but also featured a lot of Olympic and powerlifting workouts in their training alos. This may have been included in a workout or they might take a cycle and just focus on one style. And many were world-class in many weight lifting disciplines, such as Tommy Kono. These guys would enter both bodybuilding and powerlifting and/or Olympic lifting contests because they were good at each type, and they were very strong. To find the best ideas for building a better body, don't get caught up in the hype of today's roided up "hero". Instead, check into the training and dietary habits of the guys who excelled before and without chemical assistance. If you want a better body without the downside of roids, look back to the pre-steroid training era get a better idea for your future. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Back to the Future Workouts

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