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Nitrobol Review

Since ordering Nitrobol seven weeks ago I have gained about 
20 pounds of straight muscle. I didn't think I could get 
to this bodyweight. For a long time I was stuck at 165 but 
today I am 186 and still growing. Everyone around me 
things I am on the juice but when I show them the
Nitrobol bottle they want to know more. 

Thanks for everything,

Lionel E. Pope II

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     Fitness Tips For 12/3/2014

Can Protein Damage Your Kidneys

Protein and kidneys bodybuilding There is a statement made about protein that gets touted now and then, that protein can harm your kidneys. Or that protein puts your kidneys under stress. So guess what? Protein does put your kidneys under stress. But so does everything else as well. Your kidneys are an organ that is a stress magnet, and they handle that role well. So it is no big deal for the kidneys to be stressed. Your kidneys handle a huge load of your blood every day. The kidneys filter this blood every day, all the time. So the kidneys are experienced with being used and worked hard. Kidney Concerns In spite of the durability of the kidneys, there can be concerns in some areas. If your kidneys are already damaged, eating too much protein (everyone needs some protein) can put a big strain on the kidneys. Continually eating too much protein when you have kidney issues can in turn make your kidney functions worse. If your kidneys are normal, however, then eating much protein won't be a problem. The kidneys can handle a big amount of protein. In fact a high amount of protein aids in the areas that kidneys typically get into trouble, such as diabetes. So more protein here helps out. What the kidneys can't handle is steroids. Steroid use is known to hurt the kidneys and this may be where the myth that protein harms the kidneys comes from. People who load up on both may have attributed the problems to big intake of protein when the steroids were actually the culprit. What is the best and safest protein supplement? We feel that Nitrobol is the best protein "supplement" ever. It's the best because it has a "Net Nitrogen Utilization" (NNU) of 99%. That means that 99% of what you take in is utilized by your body! Compare that to whey protein alone which yields a NNU of only 12%! Most of today's leading protein powders offer 17 grams of whey protein per serving. However, the NNU is only 2.04 grams. That means that only 2.04 grams of the 17 grams will be utilized by your body. It's incredible that only 2,000 mg (4 capsules) of Nitrobol equals the 17 gram serving of today's' leading protein powder! Nitrobol is pre-digested and fully absorbed in less than 23 minutes. This means the muscle-building aminos get to your muscle cells FAST to induce and support muscle hypertrophy (growth). Dietary protein takes 3 to 4 hours to be digested. For full details see Nitrobol Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Can Protein Damage Your Kidneys

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