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     Fitness Tips For 5/25/2016

Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

If you train for any amount of time you gradually get into a comfort zone an area where you feel comfortable about your training. And you do make some gains here. However, you don't make as much gains as you could. Your body gradually adapts to its training environment and ceases to produce gains after awhile. That's why some people train and train but don't get much beyond an initial burst of growth. The body has become so accustomed to the training routine that it doesn't need to make any muscle to handle it. This training zone phenomenon, by the way, is not just for muscle building but can also apply to the cardio/aerobic or any other type of training as well. Breaking Out The way to deal with the comfort zone issue is to break out of the same old training approach. You have to hit the body with something new and unexpected. And most of all, it has to be challenging. It has to stimulate the body to grow. The way to push past your comfort zone can be through more weight, more repetitions or another set. But it must be different and it must be challenging. Pushing past your comfort zone is also about the mind - it is as much a mental issue as it is a physical one. And it starts in the mind by your decision to push past your comfort zone. It doesn't always translate into going harder it could be simply training different. If you realize you have been stuck in a comfort zone, make plans to break out with a new workout scheme. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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