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Push Up Jacks Exercise

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 2/3/2021

Push Up Jacks Are Well Worth Your Time To Try Out

I recently have been trying push up jacks, they are a great exercise for working your core as well as getting cardio in while doing a push up.  If you have been reading my newsletter then you should know that I am on a never ending journey to keep trying new exercises and workouts.  The reasoning for my never ending quest is that it keeps my workouts fun, new, and challenging.  Keep on reading to learn all about push up jacks as well as a quick chest workout you can do anywhere.

The Basics Of Push Up Jacks

Push up jacks are challenging and you can make them even more challenging by adding in a little nuance.  The basics of push up jacks is when you go down during the push up you widen your legs.  Then as you are going up your close your legs in a regular jumping jack form.  This would be much easier to see then explain so watch the video below to see how to do push up jacks then I will add in my own two cents.

My Take On Push Up Jacks

The women in the video does a great job at keeping her back flat while doing the push up jacks.  Her hands stayed stationary however.  The way I like to do push up jacks is when you go down and your legs go out your hands go out as well.  Then as you go up your hands go back in.  This adds a new level of intensity, challenges your core and chest more.  If you do this version you will feel the difference with your first rep.

A Quick Workout Using Push Up Jacks

Below will be a quick chest workout you can do anywhere that includes push up jacks.  If you do all the reps in the workout you will end up doing 100 reps total.  The workout should last at the most 10 minutes.  Here is the chest workout

  1. Do 20 push up jacks
  2. Immediately do 20 Dive Bomber push ups
  3. Immediately do 20 diamond push ups (make a diamond with your hands).
  4. Rest for 30 seconds
  5. Do 20 more push up jacks
  6. Do 20 standard push ups.

That workout will get you to 100 reps within a few short minutes.  You can do the workout again to get to 200 total reps if you wish.

Closing Thoughts On Push Up Jacks

I have said it many times on my newsletter,  anytime you can incorporate a new exercises into your fitness routine the better off you will be.  When workouts get boring and routine it does not exactly help motivation peek.  Always try to add in a new exercise each week at the minimum.  Push up jacks are a great exercise that works multiple muscle groups at once which enables you to get more done in less time.

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