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     Fitness Tips For 3/4/2015

How to Recover Faster Between Workouts

We break down muscle when we train and build muscle when we rest. If we are eating correctly and training hard then there are a few important tips you can add to increase muscle recovery from those intense workouts that you do. It must be assumed that you are very aware of pre and post workout snacks or protein shakes. There is a 90 minute window after any intense training session where your muscles desperately need to find all the required amino acids they need to start the muscle repair process. This increase in protein synthesis as it starts to repair the muscle damage you have done relies completely on the quality of the protein you are taking in. Eating protein late at night before going to sleep can also improve muscle recovery as your muscles do most of the repair work required while we are sleeping. The same goes for the quality of sleep that you get because if you wake up every half hour you will not reach REM sleep and muscle repair will be slower than normal. Hydration is vitally important when recovering from a hard workout. Most experts agree on at least a gallon a day of water or 12 cups if you are training hard during the summer heat. Drinking water should be part of any routine, as muscles are made up of 80% water. If you are feeling sore from your workout the day before you could help speed up muscle recovery by soaking in a cold bath for ten or twenty minutes. It will have the same effect as putting an icepack on the inflamed area and help to speed up muscle repair. We all have different habits and obligations but if you are able to take a cat-nap during your working day it would also speed up muscle recovery. Some people find it impossible to sleep during the day but if you can it would certainly speed up any muscle repair required. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
How to Recover Faster Between Workouts

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