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Refeed Days for Fat Loss

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 6/21/2017

Refeed Days Explained

What is a re-feed day or days? It is the time after a reduced calorie intake when you reload your body. One aim here is to reset your leptin levels.

The longer your reduced diet, the more effective the re-feed days are. One of the prime goals in cutting calories down and then having a re-feed day or days mix is to deal with low leptin levels.

Leptin regulates your hunger levels, satiety, and many other elements tied to your eating or the feeling of needing to eat all the time.

Low leptin levels translate into elevated hunger pangs. The lower the leptin levels, the more you want to eat and eat, and the result is fat accumulating, obscuring your muscles and hampering growth.

Leptin Tactic

One way to handle this issue and take control of how your leptin levels are affecting your diet is to use a dietary re-feed process. You use a lower calorie diet for a short period of time, such as a week or so, then you take a day and strongly increase your carbohydrate (good carbs such as oatmeal, honey, milk, pasta, etc.) to re-trigger your leptin levels to a higher plane. It's kind of like hitting the reset button.

Increase your calorie levels to anywhere from 25 percent to 50 percent higher than you have been taking on the diet and make that increase center on those good carbs. Have a baked potato, or other similar good carbs. A big bump in carb intake means you don't need to re-feed very long, and conversely, a lower amount of carbs will mean you need to re-feed longer. If you have a big intake of carbs all of a sudden, then a single day re-feed will do the trick.

Re-feeding is a tactical maneuver to work your body's fat levels via the leptin route. If you are struggling with your hunger control system, a re-feed cycle may be just what you need.

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