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Pumped Extreme Review

Hi, my name is Frank Perri and I am 5 ft 1 and now 
165 pounds and 40 years old.

I have been in this lifestyle for over 20 years, I 
am in great health so I decided to try your product 
"Pumped Extreme", and in 7 to 9 days your product 
kicked in and man what a difference. 

I have competed in 1998 to 2001 as as a bantam 
weight and 143 lbs contest weight, and your product 
made me feel like I did while I was competing. Hard, 
dense and very vascular, the pumps are awesome just 
like you said. I love this product and have been 
telling every body about it.

Thanks for a no B.S. product that works.

Frank Perri

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     Fitness Tips For 12/7/2016

Rep Ranges for Hypertrophy

By Oliver Wolter creator of X-Size Workout Software When we talk about different resistance ranges producing different "Strength Qualities", what do we mean? Assuming you are performing your sets with maximum effort (i.e. the last rep of the set is the last one you could perform unaided), these are the qualities that each resistance range brings: Training in the 1-5 rep region. This is sometimes, misleadingly, called power training. (True Power training occurs with lighter weights often at higher reps, involving high-speed movements. That is outside the scope of this discussion.) Such heavy weight training uses typically 90-100% of your 1 rep maximum (1RM). It causes a change in the nervous system that improves the body's efficiency at lifting heavy weights. Heavy training carries a big downside: Injuries. Most people who train for prolonged periods with heavy weights suffer from an increased number of injuries. For that reason, most individuals who are required to lift heavy weights, such as Power and Olympic Lifters, spend most of their time building their strength with higher repetitions. 5-12 reps. This region is the one which develops the contractile elements of the muscles to their maximum. This range is often called the "strength building region", as it is where most strength is developed. 12-30 reps. Muscle endurance and size. Training in this resistance range normally proceeds heavier lifting. Metabolic changes occur when training in this region that facilitates greater strength increases when you switch to the heavier weights. High reps increase capillary density, mitochondrial mass, and glycogen storage (with a corresponding increase in fluid). IF YOU WANT BIG MUSCLES YOU MUST INCREASE YOUR ABILITY IN ALL THESE REPETITION RANGES Looking through his training diary a young bodybuilder sees he has done the following lifts at various stages: Complete list of Bench Press Personal Bests: Weight Reps 135 20 185 15 225 8 250 1 As you can see he is quite "balanced" in the middle region he has been working. However he is weak with high reps (20+). Also his single lift is also slightly lower than may have been anticipated. So what should this lifter do to improve his Bench Press and build his upper body? He needs to work the area of the graph with the greatest potential for gaining, which is, in the first instance the high reps. He should spend time bringing that area into balance with his midrange strength. This will only take a few weeks to a month. He will gain very rapidly doing this, and notice a surge in his muscle size. Often people say, "There's no point in doing very high reps, they don't build mass". Tell that to Ronnie Coleman who regularly Benches 100kg for 60-70 reps. Lifting to 30 reps on the Bench is no chore. Just remember that every rep range brings with it strength qualities which add mass to your body. Once you have used the X-Size system for a few weeks you will quickly realize that the gains you have made far exceed anything you have ever achieved before. X-Size is more than another Training System - it's a software with an build in A.I. (artificial intelligence). It perfectly adapts to anyone's needs. With this system you can build muscle 312% faster than ever before. And right now we are offering it for a discounted price. Go to X-Size Bodybuilding Workout Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Rep Ranges for Hypertrophy

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