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     Fitness Tips For 9/24/2014

Rowing Exercise Variations

Retool Your Rowing You may not have thought about this much but rowing is one of the most important exercises you can perform for your physique. That's because rowing works the biggest muscle mass in your upper body your back muscles. Get your rowing right and your back muscles will grow. New Style of Rowing Most of the people who perform the barbell row, or its machine derivative, do so at a moderate pace. That's fine, but you can give your back muscles a whole new level of stimulation by performing the rowing movement explosively. And you can only reach the high-end fast twitch muscle fiber in the back with explosive action. The standard style of rowing doesn't work the high-end fast twitch muscle at all. Missing out on working the high-end fast twitch muscle for your back muscles is a big mistake because your back muscles contain a lot of high-end fast twitch fiber. That means that you are leaving a lot of growth on the table by only employing the standard style rowing. Explode! What you can do to change the situation is to start adding some explosive rowing into your back training routine. Explosive lifting will crank up the intensity to new levels each workout. In fact you should be performing explosive lifting on a regular basis for virtually all of your major muscle groups. The back is one of the more critical regions since it makes up such a large portion of your upper body. Why not work all the muscle fiber in this area instead of just half? By incorporating explosive rowing you can get that other unreached muscle tissue to respond. Retooled Rowing To employ explosive rowing, you want to move that weight load as fast as possible. You can also add a couple of tweaks to your rowing to make it even more effective in the explosive style. These tweaks were employed by multi-Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, with great results. The tweaks are to employ an under grip with your hands (hands supinated, palms facing your body). Additionally, don't bend down so deep as you do on the standard row. You don't need to have your back parallel with the floor keep it 20 degrees above parallel. This will take some stress off of your low back region and also allow you to lift much heavier weight loads when you row. One more tweak use a shoulder width grip placement. You don't need a super wide hand placement to get the results as a medium wide grip works great. Bend down, grasp the barbell with the supinated grip, and explode. Pull that bar up to your body as hard and as fast as you possibly can. Keep on focusing on exploding for each rep. Rock it on the way up, lower it more slowly, and repeat. Rep & Set Range You don't need a super high repetition range when you are performing explosive movements. In fact most of those who use explosive training the most (NFL, Olympic, collegiate sports, etc.) employ a repetition range that runs from 3-5-7 per set. For your explosive rowing, perform seven repetitions per set. Focus on making each repetition super explosive. Perform three sets of the explosive row initially after a good warm up for your back. It is particularly important to get the back muscles warmed up very well as explosive training is very demanding on not only the muscles but also tendons and ligaments and more. Once you have a couple of sessions at the three set point under your belt, move up to 5-6 sets of the explosive bent row. Allow a couple of minutes between sets and pound out the reps. Keep Pushing This is one exercise where you want to consistently add weight. You will be surprised at how much weight you will eventually be able to move in this lift. Keep pushing the weight load upward try to add five pounds or so every few workouts. Your back muscles are capable of being extremely strong and can handle big loads, so give them something to work with. The explosive rowing exercise can be performed quickly and will really fire up your muscles. If you are incorporating it into a full back routine, insert it right after the chin ups and watch how well your back responds. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Rowing Exercise Variations

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