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     Fitness Tips For 12/7/2011

Running for Bodybuilders

Run For Gains
By Dwayne Hines

Most bodybuilders avoid running like the plague.  Running, some gurus
point out, is a waste of time for serious bodybuilders.  And if 
anyone does run, it is only done for a few weeks before a contest. 

You can see why lifters are wary of running - long distance runners 
are quite thin.  That is, you don't see too many buff marathon 
runners.   However, it is also true that the idea of not mixing 
running with weight training needs to be re-examined.  Running, it 
turns out,  can be beneficial for the bodybuilder and weight lifter,
and there are a few good reasons why some running should be included
in a training program.  

John Christy, a trainer and owner of Total Fitness, Inc., makes 
pertinent points in Hardgainer:

"In my opinion, aerobic work should be performed by everyone - 
period.  Even a trainee who is extremely skinny should do aerobic 
work.  The aerobic work is not going to prevent you from putting on
muscle as long as you implement it correctly and are getting a 
caloric overload.  As a matter of fact, it will actually help you in
your weight training efforts by increasing the rate of recovery 
between workouts, and help to limit the fat that you gain.  Most of
all, aerobic work will keep your most important muscle in shape - 
your heart."

Christy presents several benefits provided by aerobic work.  Let's 
examine one of the more key issues - enhanced recovery.  Adrian 
Kneeshaw, Editor of Body Building Monthly, describes this beneficial 

"Aerobic fitness assists by improving the efficiency of the recovery
process.  This is where aerobic fitness is an advantage, as oxygen 
is used to transport these waste products away.  Therefore, an 
individual with superior aerobic fitness is able to use oxygen more
efficiently to help them recover faster from exercise, and therefore
able to train and perform with greater effectiveness.  Likewise, in 
the period following training, superior aerobic fitness enables the 
body to transport nutrients round the body more efficiently, 
enhancing post-exercise recovery."
Quicker recuperation is a vital element in building the muscles, and
aerobic fitness produces this effective recovery better than anything 
else.  The more efficient you can make your oxygen use process, the 
quicker your recovery.

Running is a key aerobic exercise, an exercise that some consider the
very best of all the aerobic exercises.  Running really improves the
efficiency of the body's recovry process and it also has another 
superb benefit - burning off body fat.  Franco Columbu, a multi - 
Mr. Olympia, recognizes this.  Franco points out that the 
bodybuilders who do run realize fantastic benefits. 

"Whenever I have a problem getting definition fast, I start running.  
The effects soon become apparent.  My midsection shapes up fast and 
the definition in my thighs improves daily.  With unanimous surprise, 
all the running bodybuilders, including myself, have discovered that
running has not affected the size of our muscles.  The greatest 
effect that running has is the same as jumping rope, that is, it 
speeds up the metabolism which helps burn off fat and conditions the
body so that training becomes easier and one is able to train faster.
I recommend running rather than jogging because it speeds up the 
metabolism more, which is very important in achieving definition."

So a former Mr. Olympia believes that running is a perfect tool for 
enhancing recovery, speeding up the metabolism, and that it does not
cut into muscle size.  The assumption here, of course, is getting 
sufficient running, not trying to become a marathon runner.  A 
session or two a week (with some middle distance running and 
sprinting) will be enough to bring about the desired results.  

Dwayne Hines is the author of "The Growth Zone" - a new approach to 
building mass muscle fast. 
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Running for Bodybuilders

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