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     Fitness Tips For 11/30/2016

Scientific Workout Routine

By Oliver Wolter creator of X-Size Workout Software The X-Size scientific workout routine is the most powerful tool you can use for dramatically improving your training and building your musculature. Once you have read about the background ideas you will understand, probably for the first time, why you should be using a certain amount of weight and reps when you exercise. This is truly the "Missing Link" you have been looking for. Equipped with this knowledge you will see why you may have been successful to a point, and why that progress stopped. Lets start at the beginning, and review some basics. There are 4 main principles that underlie all athletic training. The one that we are going to concern ourselves with is called SAID. This stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. Literally this means that your muscles respond Specifically to the type of stress imposed upon them. For example, lets say you wish to improve your endurance, then an appropriate stress will yield an improvement in your endurance. Makes sense doesn't it? Now this is a very important point to understand: Adaptation is not uniformly "Specific" and becomes "more specific" (grammar apologies aside), as you become more athletically advanced. What do we mean? Well let's use an example we can all relate to: When you are a novice lifter, lets say you trained on medium/low reps for a few weeks. After a period, you decided to test how many reps you could get with a relatively light weight. The chances are that you would probably get more reps than before you started your training program, even though it wasn't focused on building high rep endurance. By contrast, a medium/advanced lifter who performed such a program would probably improve their ability to perform in the medium/low rep range BUT after weeks of such work, if they were to test their high rep strength, it would probably have dropped off. That's a Specific Adaptation. At this point we will bring in another concept, that of strength vs. muscle size. People often don't realize that Muscle size and strength are directly related. Simply put, a muscle's strength is directly proportional to its cross sectional area, for an individual. Those final few words are important "for an individual". Individuals have vastly different strength potentials. One of the factors that determine an individuals "natural strength" is neuromuscular efficiency. We will deal with that subject later. Suffice it to say that if you want to get bigger muscles you need to get stronger muscles. This is what the X-Size system enables you to do. Now that's a bit of background theory, let's look then at how Strength Athletes and Bodybuilders train: For years Iron Athletes trained by lifting weights in a certain resistance range until over training or staleness set in. Then they would change to a different resistance range. This approach was not terribly satisfactory, as progress was often slow and over training and staleness often brought with them injuries. There was however a better approach. In Eastern Europe the idea of Periodization was devised. This recognized that to make maximum progress an athlete needed to train with a great variety of resistances. Each resistance brings with it, it's own "strength qualities", which are integral to developing maximum strength. Simply put, if you wish to develop maximum strength and muscle size you have to become highly competent in a variety of resistance ranges. Often American lifters would lift with just heavy weights. Russian lifters would train a huge variety of weights, and be much stronger as a result. In the past 10 years many Western Athletes have been experimenting with Eastern European Periodization Programs and some obvious problems have emerged. The main one is the truly vast workload. The workloads that Eastern Athletes sustained, we now know was achieved through the use of steroids. However, a huge workload is not requisite to building great strength or muscle size. This has been proved repeatedly in experiments and in the "real world" of the gym. One of the reasons that Eastern European Athletes trained so much is that they were Professional sportsman. Their system wanted to see them working out fulltime! Efforts have been made to take the advantages of a constantly changing resistance range, and marry it to a reduced total workload. The result is what is often called Western Periodization and it has gained favor among many power lifters. Some lifters swear by it. Other lifters swear at it! Why? The main complaint is uneven progress. Some lifters gain throughout the cycle while other lifters gain well for several weeks then stagnate, go backwards and under perform at contests. What's the problem? Well we have to look at the lifters training histories. Many athletes do not posses strength that is "balanced" across a wide resistance range. They often have spent years working out mostly with heavy weights. Thus when they start a Western Periodized Program they have to lift high reps/lighter weights for a couple of weeks. They gain well doing this, because they are correcting a deficiency in their higher rep strength range. They typically move to heavier resistances (where they have already spent most of their time training) and then stagnate. If they had spent longer in the lighter region, they would have built a base to take their lower rep strength to a new peak. Now, we are using the example of the peaking weightlifter. However, the same is true for everyone: Anyone who has ever lifted a weight or engaged in any form of physical activity has a "background" in their strength. The X-Size system uses this information to identify where YOU posses the greatest chance of increasing your strength and in turn building new muscle. It does this by comparing your ever-changing Personal Bests, at a variety of resistances, in all the exercises you train and identifying the points of maximum deviation. These represent your greatest chance for improvement, and also the weaknesses that are holding you back. Put your ego aside and let the software do the work for you! When you train, focusing on these areas, you will need less total number of sets (because bringing up deficient areas is easier), you will spend less time training...and you'll gain. You can try this on your own by training each exercise with high reps 20 to 30, medium reps 8 to 15 and low reps 4 to 7. But using X-Size will make it much easier for you as all your weights and rep ranges will be automatically calculated for you. X-Size is more than another Training System - it's a software with an build in A.I. (artificial intelligence). It perfectly adapts to anyone's needs. With this system you can build muscle 312% faster than ever before. And right now we are offering it for a discounted price. Go to X-Size Scientific Workout Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Scientific Workout Routine

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