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Secret to Getting Abs

Shrink Your Waistline

Did You Know That...

"Arnold Schwarzenegger called this the most crucial area for mastering your physique!"

Are You Spending All Your Time Working Every Muscle Area but the Most Important?

Fail to get this area right and the rest of your training won't add up to much at all. Unfortunately many people fall into this trap.

Have you been putting most of your training emphasis on the wrong areas?

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/6/2017

#1 Secret for Getting Rock Hard Abs

There are all kinds of claims for building abs and some even work. But the number one secret for building rock hard abs is simply this - you don't need to do a ton of work to get great abs.

A Full Session?

Some guys really load up on the ab work, even devoting a full training period or a full day of their routine to the abs. That's unnecessary. Gurus such as Vince Gironda have pointed out that you can build great abs with just a few sets.

Small Muscles

The abs are actually a small muscle group and you can overload them if you employ a ton of work on them. They do need to be trained hard, but that training can and should be brief. Then let your diet take over. The actual training need for the abs is very minimal - just a few sets for the upper abs and a few sets for the lower abs, according to training guru Phil Campbell. Anything beyond that is excess.

Sample Six Pack Ab Workout

Try this quick intense abdominal workout, done twice a week:

Hanging Leg Raises 2 sets for as many reps as possible.

Crunches 2 sets for as many reps as possible.

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