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Ecdy-Bolin Review

I am a pretty avid lifter who has always had trouble 
gaining muscle mass.

I was getting frustrated because I seemed to be working 
harder but I stayed a stingy 212 lbs. So I went out on 
a limb and purchased Ecdy-Bolin.

I really took notice of my size in the mirror one day. 
I was stunned to see more definition in my chest, arms 
and shoulders.

Curiosity get the best of me so I went to the scale and 
was astonished, I went from a 215 on an empty stomach 
to 223 on an empty stomach. WOW!

Not only did this product put size and definition on me,
I feel great. Friends of mine who I only see during 
football season (now) too notice to my size difference 
and said "It looks like you had a great off season!"

I see finally there is a product out there that will 
increase your size and mass while at the same time you 
see noticeable gains in strength.

Thank you so much!

James Botti, Lincoln DE

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Russian Training Cycles Workout Program go to: Ecdy-Bolin

You can also order Ecdy-Bolin by calling 800-635-8970 or 503-648-1898, 10 am to 6 pm PST

     Fitness Tips For 8/6/2014

Don't Count Reps? Make Your Reps Count!

One of the first things you learn to do when training is count the reps of your workout. After all, an exercise is performed for sets of repetitions. So why wouldn’t you want to count your reps? Because you don't want to just go through the motions. For a bodybuilder, the end goal is really not how many reps you perform – that's more of a powerlifting goal. For a bodybuilder, the end goal is to light up the muscles for more growth. And while reps are part of that process, the key is how hard you push those muscles. So you want the actual action to be the goal. You want to feel the muscles work. When your only aim is reps, you don’t typically focus on how the muscles feel, and how they are working. First is the Hardest One way to change up your training and make your repetitions count is to make the first repetition the hardest. This gets the muscles maximally activated right from the front end of the routine instead of the end. Full activation comes from heavy weight and pure form, and ultimately, mental concentration. To make your reps count, keep up that same style for each following repetition. Could you put up one more rep? Don’t leave that last rep unfinished – push through the pain and get it up. Make each repetition the hardest you can. View it from the perspective of being the last rep you ever do. The repetition comes alive, a real challenge, an electric-type stimulation to your muscles. If you could only get out one more repetition in your life, could you do it? Yes, you could generate the will power to put it up. If you train like this, going with each repetition as an extreme rep, you will quickly transform your body. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Don't Count Reps? Make Your Reps Count!

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