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Side Lunges Bodybuilding

The Importance of Free Testosterone

Do you know the difference between total testosterone and free testosterone?

Did you know you can have high total testosterone, but not be experiencing the all benefits of it?

Total testosterone is is the combined total of three different forms of testosterone in your body:

Testosterone molecules bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin),
Testosterone molecules bound to a protein called albumin, and
Free testosterone which isn't bound to anything - thus, it is free.

It's the free testosterone that creates all of the benefits. So it only makes sense to increase the amount of your testosterone.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/15/2020

Are Side Lunges Effective?

Side Lunges Bodybuilding

In this week's newsletter I am going to be covering side lunges and give you some differnet variations of side lunges as well.  So keep reading and by the end you will more than likely incorporate side lunges into your workout routines.

Side Lunges Are A Great Way To Add Variety Into Your Workout

If you read this newsletter on a regular basis I am sure by now you know that I am a huge advocate for variety in your workout routines.  Side lunges offer that variety component.  They will help mix up your leg exercises and target different muscles as well.  Side lunges are great at isolating and working your butt, hip flexors, inner thighs, and quads.  If you have tight hip flexors you will feel the side lunges big time.  The other variety component to side lunges is that you can easily add in variety while doing them.  You can do side to side lunges, side lunges with a lift, plyo side lunges, etc.  So the variety you get with side lunges alone is worth at least incorporating them into your workout routines.  Lets look at how to do side lunges and the different variations.

How to Do Side Lunges The Right Way

Side lunges are pretty basic.  Instead of doing a normal forward lunge or back lunge you go to the side. As you in the picture above they are pretty straight forward to do.  For variety, you can incorporate a toe tap while you are in the side lunge.  If you are lunging with your right leg, your left leg will be straight out to the side.  Lift your left foot off the ground a do a toe tap.  It sounds easy, but try it I bet you will not say the same thing afterword.  This will also test to see if you have tight hip flexors even more.  Another variation you can do is do side to side lunges.  Instead of coming up after your lunge stay in a squat position and slide over to the other leg.  So if you are doing a right side lunge, then from the lunge position move your body over to the left side to complete a side lunge on that side.  You can also add in more intensity with a plyometric version.  For example, if you are doing a right side lunge, you would explode up so that you are standing tall and then drop down into a left side lunge.  If you do this for even five minutes your legs will be on fire and you will be getting a cardio workout in at the same time.

Here Is A Quick Leg Workout Using Side Lunges

To keep this simple, I am only going to use a few leg exercises to show you how you can incorporate side lunges into your leg routines.

Pretty basic and straight forward but if you repeat this example leg workout 5 times, you will feel the burn for sure.

Side lunges are like all exercises.  You should do them on a regular basis to help keep variety into your workout, push yourself a little more, and also add to your knowledge base.  Give side lunges a try, they are worth it.

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