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     Fitness Tips For 3/11/2015

Muscle Building Made Simple

If you read about muscle building online you will see that it can get very complicated with switching workout cycles and using complex new training techniques. But the truth is that building muscle is not rocket science and never has been. Your body is genetically programmed to respond to regular weight training as it adapts to the progressive overload that you put it under. If you are starting out or have been training for less than a year the principal is simple as you do not need to worry about alternating your maximum effort with dynamic effort. You just need to select a volume of sets and reps that you will use depending on your own specific somatotype. Whether your objective is size or strength will dictate the training volume that you train with. For example if you are just starting out and your objective is size and not strength you need to do sets of 8,12, 15 or even 20 reps with no more than 90 seconds of rest between sets. More important than the sets and reps that you do is the movements that you do. The "Big Four" compound movements whether you are training for size or strength are the minimum requirement. Doing squats, deadlifts, bench-press and military press will build the foundation of your core of muscle size and strength. Training for strength involves lifting a heavy weight for reps, although most articles you read online about gaining strength will tell you to lift a heavy weight with low reps. You will do better training to increase strength by lifting a heavy weight for as many reps as you can. Because your body is designed to survive it will adapt to any extra weight lifted on a regular basis. However any adaptation that happens as you start to see your strength increasing will start to slow down after 6 to 8 weeks as your body adapts more effectively to the regular stress you add in your workouts. It is because of this built in adaptation that we have which starts to wane as we adapt. This then requires any trainee to cycle their workouts every 6 or 8 weeks. If we do not change something to our training program after two months we will start slipping into the dreaded training plateau where we cannot increase the weight we lift or the reps we do. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Muscle Building Made Simple

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