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     Fitness Tips For 2/17/2016

Single Limb Workouts

Multi-limb and multi-joint exercises are touted as being the best for the body and in general they are highly beneficial but there are times when it is good to hit the body with some single limb workouts. Focus What is the benefit of single limb exercises? Focus! Single limb exercises allow you to exert extreme focus and concentration on the muscle being worked. In fact single limb training allows you to put out the most highly concentrated work possible because all of your attention is aimed at just that one limb, and you can blast it with everything you’ve got. And the higher the concentrated workout, the bigger a pump you can stir up. The most massive pumps come on single limb work. Fairness The second key benefit to single limb training is fairness – fairness to both limbs muscles. Sometimes when you use both limbs at once, you favor one more than the other. The weaker limb often gets treated unfairly, and doesn't grow as much as it could. And this is a frequent occurrence - you see guys who definitely have one limb substantially large than the other. And overall it detracts from both limbs. To remedy this situation, start with the weaker limb. If you are right-handed then start your dumbbell curls with the left arm. That way it gets the most attention and most energy. Over time you balance out the weaker muscle by working in this way. The arms are not the only muscle group to be worked with a single limb approach. You can do the same thing for the hamstrings, calves and thighs by working one muscle group at a time, starting with the weaker one. And over time you help the weaker muscle group catch up. Note: Checkout the author's website at NaturalSize.com

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Single Limb Workouts

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