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     Fitness Tips For 9/11/2014

How to Get a Sleek Physique

Arnold Schwarzenegger built a body that stands out above others, even today. Yes, had big muscles. But he also had sleeker muscles than anyone else. They simply looked better than anyone else. Watch the movie Pumping Iron some evening and you will notice that Arnold simply far exceeds everyone around him. His lines, his muscles, flowed together better than not only his contemporaries but also today's stars. They look blocky, crude, whereas his body smoothly flowed together. True to Form How did he do it? One factor was that he used better form than other lifters, particularly later in the workout. When they got sloppy, he stayed true to good form. And that good form makes a difference – a big difference. Form helps keep the targeted muscle working instead of cheating it out of the picture. Extracurricular Activity There was one other element that Arnold brought to the table that others didn’t – extracurricular activity. And not just any extracurricular activity. Arnold would often bike home after a workout (particularly in the formative stages of his development). And later on he would swim right after a workout. He pointed out how swimming helped his muscles unwind after a hard workout. And it must have worked for he created a totally unique physique, one that has not been matched to this day for overall impressiveness. You can take out the blocky, unwieldiness of your own muscles by adhering to excellent form throughout the entire workout, and by some extracurricular activity post workout like bike riding and swimming and watch what happens to your physique. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
How to Get a Sleek Physique

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