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Sleep And Muscle Gain

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/6/2023

Faster Muscle Gain Through More Sleep

Successful bodybuilding is achieved through a three part formula:

1) Working out right + 2) Eating right + 3) Sleeping right = Fast successful muscle gain

Unfortunately, many bodybuilders who reach a plateau and/or have a hard time gaining muscle mass skip the third part of the formula above. This is usually due to the fact that they just don’t understand how important sleep is to successful bodybuilding. In fact, it is just as important as as working out and eating right. Hardgainers may work out diligently, eat all the right foods at the right time, but then only get 5-6 hours of sleep a night. Thus, they do all the right things during the day but then sabotage those efforts at night when they don’t get enough sleep.

If you want to gain muscle fast and have a beautifully sculpted body, you can’t skimp on your sleep! When you are lifting weights, you are tearing down your muscles. When you eat, you are feeding your muscles. However, your muscles don’t repair themselves and actually GROW until you sleep. This is when the pituitary gland in your brain produces growth hormone and other hormones that your muscles need to grow and this is when they do the vast majority of their growing. If you skimp on sleep, your muscles will not have enough time to grow. You need at least 7 hours, and preferably 8-9 hours, of good solid uninterrupted sleep a night, every night, to maximize your muscle growth potential. Plus, it is the last part of this sleep cycle where you get the most growth. Thus, adding a single hour of sleep can make a big difference.

There’s something else to consider. It’s not enough to get enough hours of sleep, you also have to make sure you are getting enough deep sleep, otherwise known as Delta sleep. Your pituitary gland does not produce growth hormone throughout the entire time you sleep. It only does so when you enter deep sleep. Therefore, if you get constantly awoken during your sleep and/or you sleep too lightly, you may not get enough deep sleep even though you are getting enough hours of sleep. Without enough deep sleep, your muscles will not repair themselves or grow very quickly, if at all.

Many bodybuilders do not get enough deep sleep because their sleeping environment prevents them from doing so. Here are some sleep environmental factors that you can work on to improve your deep sleep:

1. Room/Bed Temperature
The ambient temperature outside gets the coldest a couple of hours before dawn. If you are not careful, this drop in temperature could cause you to wake up or enter a lighter phase of sleep at the worst time possible. This is because your deepest sleep will usually fall during this time period when you’ve been asleep the longest. Your the deep sleep phase is generally longer toward the end of your sleep session. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have the thermostat set so the temperature cannot drop below a certain point that will interfere with your deep sleeping in the pre-dawn hours. You can also look into a using a different type of bedding, such as a dawn comforter, that will keep you better insulated during this time but at the same time not let you get too hot.

2. Too Much Light
Light pollution has become a serious health concern, especially in how it prevents you from entering into Delta sleep and staying there for the optimal amount of time. Even if you live in the country, you may encounter a neighbor’s light that keeps your bedroom too bright for Delta sleep. If you can see clearly in your bedroom at night once your eyes have adjusted, your room is likely too bright for good deep sleep. If this is the case, try wearing a comfortable sleeping mask or buying some light blocking curtains to darken your room. Further, turn off the night light and cover or remove anything else that produces light such as an alarm clock radio or the VCR/DVD/DVR.

3. Interruptions
If you live in a neighborhood with traffic or other noises, you may want to invest in a sleep sound machine that will produce white noise and/or relaxing nature sounds such as ocean waves. These can induce deeper sleep in many light sleepers or those who contend with constant night sounds. If your partner snores, you may want to have them checked for sleep apnea and get them a special sleep apnea pillow that can help reduce their sleep apnea and let them sleep without snoring. You should also try to eliminate as much as possible any other interruptions such as a cell phone, LAN line, beeper, etc. Simply turn them off!

4. Electromagnetic Fields
If the three tips above don’t allow you to get enough deep sleep, consider removing the television and other electronic devices from your bedroom. Also, make sure you do not sleep with an electric blanket. These put off electromagnet fields that can interfere with your deep sleep.

Concluding Thoughts

Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night, including adequate amounts of deep sleep, is just as important to bodybuilding as having a good workout routine and a well-balanced diet. If you want to gain muscle faster, changing your sleep habits may give you the immediate boost you’ve been looking for. Good luck and happy slumbering!

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