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Sprinting for 6 Pack

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/5/2022

Sprinting Program for Six Pack Abs

Bodybuilders who are always looking to cycle their workouts with something that works, eventually land up sprinting. It is a highly effective way of increasing the size of your legs, decreasing body-fat and increasing lean body mass. Plus, the effect on your core strength can speed up a 6-pack, fast.

Sprinting is a technique that needs to be learnt. The only way you can teach yourself to sprint is by improving your flexibility. This means you need to be able to stretch to full range of motion for 60 seconds. Your hip flexors and your pecs need to be completely stretched out before you start any sprint.

When injury is caused by reacting quickly without warning it is acceptable, but when you know that your tendons and ligaments will be stretched to their max while sprinting, it would simply be stupid not to increase the blood flow to the lower legs before the start.

The technique of sprinting takes time and practice, the more your shoulders and arms swing the faster you will be able sprint. But it also the ankle and whether the toes are pointed up or down on the swing. You need to dorsi-flex your feet, point the toes upwards.

Sprinting and your ability to sprint are directly proportional to your abdominal strength. Your abs get a maximally stimulated when running at a sprint contracting 60 times in a 100 meters. A top-class sprinter would do around 45 steps in 100 meters, the average is 57 to 60 steps.

When your core abdominal muscles get stronger, your lean body mass increases. Sprinters develop core strength because it makes them run faster, a bodybuilder needs to focus on core strength just as much as a sprinter. Lifting any weight, first relies on core strength.

A strong set of abdominals can be achieved while losing body-fat and developing muscle at the same time when sprinting. Although sprint training should be guided by warming up correctly to avoid injury. Below is a list of what a high intensity sprint workout would look like.

The % listed below describes the percentage of maximum effort, perceived and physiologically. The 15-meter dash needs to concentrate on falling starts and taking off correctly for a few yards and repeat.

3 set of 15m sprints

3 sets of 30m sprints with maximum force

2 sets of 50m pushing all 95% of maximum effort

2 sets of 60m pushing all 95% of maximum effort

1 set of 80m pushing all 95% of maximum effort

1 set of 100m pushing all 85-90% of maximum effort

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