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Steps to Get a Six Pack

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/14/2020

Here's the 3-Step Process to Getting a Six Pack

Steps to Get a Six Pack

Building your own six pack is not easy, but it is pretty simple. Follow this three-step process, and you’ll be well on your way to a set of awesome abs.

Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

The most important aspect of building a rock-solid set of abs is to lower your body fat percentage to a point where your muscles are visible.

It’s as simple as that.

No matter how strong your abs are or how deep the grooves are between the different parts of the muscle, no one will ever see them if they’re covered by a thick layer of fat.

So, how lean do you need to be?

You can start to see the hint of abs around 15% body fat, and the six pack becomes more evident around 12%. Below 10% is where you need to be if you want all of the intricate details of your midsection to stand out.

Competitive bodybuilders step onstage at anywhere from 2-6% body fat, though you would hardly ever need to go that low in the “real” world.

Losing fat is a matter of eating wholesome food, training hard, and creating a caloric deficit through diet and exercise.

Build Your Body

The truth is that you can sport a decent six pack even if the rest of your body is skinny. Work your abs and reduce your body fat to 10%, and you will show some midsection muscle.

It’s a strange look, though, and is not really indicative of super fitness.

Rather, you should strive for balanced development throughout your physique.

Not only will this make you look and feel better, it’s also better for you. Building any muscle to the extreme while allowing others to remain soft is a surefire way to create imbalances and the potential for injury.

Ab exercises alone won’t give you all of the midsection muscle that you’re capable of building, either. Training your whole body with exercises like squats, dips, and chin-ups will hit your abs in new ways and give you thickness that crunches alone never could.

Build Your Abs

Everyone has abdominal muscles, and just dropping body fat even without directly working your abs can bring out some definition. To really make your abs pop, though, you have to train them.

When many lifters think of ab training, they envision hours of sit-ups and leg raises.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend all that much time on abs. In fact, anything more than a few minutes is a big mistake when it comes to building your abs.

Much of the old notion that you need marathon sessions to build a ripped waist comes from the concept of spot reduction. Spot reduction is the idea that, if you want to lose fat from a particular area of the physique, you should exercise that body part a ton.

Fat burning does not work this way, however.

Each of us has a unique distribution of fat cells, and that pattern determines how we gain and lose fat. Many women, for example, hold onto hip fat longer than fat in their arms, no matter how many lower-body exercises they do.

Likewise, many man carry fat in our bellies, and that’s the last fat we get rid of when on a diet. Aside from a moderate increase in calories burned, performing thousands of crunches does nothing but tweak our backs.

How should you train abs, then?

Your abdominals are just muscles, so you should train them like your other muscles.

The main function of your abs is to pull your torso toward your pelvis, and vice versa, so those are the actions you should target.

You can cover both actions with various formsof just two basic exercises:

Reverse Crunches - Lie on the floor with your knees bent and together, and your hands flat on the floor. Slowly curl your hips toward your chest using the power of your abs.

Crunches – Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head and then use your abs to slowly curl your back off the floor until you are fully contracted. Your lower back should NOT come off the floor.

You should train your abs hard and add weight when possible, just like with other body parts. It’s fine to use other, fancier exercises, but these two will get you a long way toward your goal of sculpted abs.

Don’t Complicate It!

Building and displaying great abs is a simple process that just about anyone can follow. Get your body fat in check, build your physique, and exercise your abs directly.

Then you’ll be well on your way to a six pack of your own!

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