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Super Slow Exercise Protocol

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/19/2023

SuperSlow Exercise Protocol: The Fastest Way to Get in Shape

What is Super Slow Protocol?

SuperSlow is an exercise protocol whereby the weight is lifted in approximately 10 seconds and lowered in five seconds. SuperSlow is a safer, more efficient, more productive, and more progressive form of training.

What Is So Great About It?

1. Safety

Slow movement reduces force - the number one cause of injury when exercising. It is a misconception that excessive weight causes injury during exercise. The key to minimizing injury is to minimize force. Force equals mass times acceleration. In physics, this is known as the force equation (F=ma). Therefore, if you slow movement, you significantly reduce the probability of injury.

2. Greater recruitment of muscle fiber

Slow movement minimizes momentum, which improves muscle fiber recruitment and allows deep muscular stimulation. The stimulus for muscle growth is enhanced when exercises are performed to failure, which means you perform exercise until continued movement is no longer possible. The more muscle fibers recruited during exercise, and the deeper the fatigue, the greater the effective growth stimulus.

3. Greater cardiovascular benefit

The vascular system is designed to support the muscular system. There is no difference between muscular work and cardiovascular work. The function of the heart and blood vessels is to supply the working muscles and other soft tissues of the body with oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood. It follows that a more effective muscle stimulus will lead to a more effective cardiovascular stimulus.

4. Time efficient

The body develops in proportion to the intensity of the work performed. Exercise intensity is indirectly proportional to exercise duration. By definition, an intense workout can only be one that is short. Training sessions should last no longer than 30 minutes twice per week. It is important to realize that exercise is only a stimulus. The body does not develop during exercise; it develops during rest. The quality of exercise is much more important than the quantity.

5. The most efficient exercise to enhance fat loss

The number of calories burned every day is directly related to how much muscle mass you have. Each new pound of muscle added to your body requires up to 50 calories a day to maintain. Adding five pounds of muscle to your body can effectively increase your resting metabolic rate by 250 calories a day. A faster resting metabolism is the key to permanent fat loss. Increased muscle tissue combined with proper eating habits equates to a double reducing effect.

Want More?

The purpose of exercise is to fatigue the muscles, not to just lift the weight or go through the motions. Super Slow exercise will stimulate your muscles to become stronger. When you increase the strength of your muscles, you look and feel better. Stronger muscles will also improve posture, making everyday activity easier. If you are involved in a sport or recreational activity, enhanced muscular strength will allow you to perform better. Most importantly, stronger muscles will increase your resistance to injury.

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