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     Fitness Tips For 7/16/2014

Symmetry and Proportion Bodybuilding

How to Train for Symmetry and Proportion Symmetry is one of the lost elements of the bodybuilding world. It was part of the start of the sport, and part of the best years of bodybuilding, but slowly disappeared as the mass bulk freaky show took over. And that's unfortunate because symmetry makes the body look better. Steve Reeves, one of the most symmetrical builds of all time, had calves, arms and a neck measurement that were all the same size. That’s symmetry. Other notable symmetrical bodybuilders were Frank Zane, Serge Nubret, Mohamed Makkawy and Lee Lebrada. Symmetry and proportion are the art of making everything in the body look balanced. You’ve probably seen guys who let their body get too far out of balance – and it isn't pretty. One example of this is the "light bulb" physique, which comes about from doing tons of bench press and curls and no leg work. Or how about Popeye, the guy who only does arm work? And the reverse can be true as well. How about the "bicyclist", the guy who spends inordinate amounts of time on the legs and neglects the upper body? These are all symptoms of a lack of symmetry and proportion. So how do you make your body symmetrical? The first step is to look in the mirror and notice if anything is out of whack. Or ask a friend, and tell he to be frank. Once you have found an area or areas that need to be worked on, you attack them. Arnold determined his calves were far below par, so he made them a priority. And he wore shorts to the gym which emphasized how scrawny they were. This made him work all the harder to overcome the weak point. Give the weak points the top priority in your workout. Don't abandon your other training, but do put your weak points in the spotlight and in the prime workout slots. And really go after them. Arnold used tons of poundage to pound some size and shape into his calves. Keep hitting your weak spots until they are up to par and your full body is symmetrical. And don't overlook the waist. Many guys have a bunch of well-built muscle groups but have a waist so big it spoils the effect. Whittle the waist down and you will be well on the way to better proportions. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Symmetry and Proportion Bodybuilding

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