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     Fitness Tips For 1/25/2017

Does The Pizza Diet Work

The 30-Day Pizza Diet started with a pizza shop owner in Florida called Matt McClellan, who decided to start his experimental diet because all fat-loss diets view pizza as off-limit foods. Matt decided to show everyone that pizza can be healthy. Matt's plan was to plot his cholesterol, his body-fat and his blood pressure while eating only pizza for 30 days. He was very strict only having 8 slices of pizza a day, split over 12 hours. What is important to note is the ingredients of the toppings Matt would have on his pizza slices. The 8 slices of pizza he would eat over a 12-hour period would total around 2,500 calories. His toppings included no red meat and no pork, only chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, avocado and pineapple which he would have with some skim milk cheese added. Over the 30-day pizza experiment Matt lost 24lbs and his body-fat dropped by 10% in 30 days. His cholesterol and his blood pressure came down significantly as well. It is important to note how Matt prepared his pizza himself and used the same ingredients offered on his menu. It also needs to be explained that Matt is a regular gym trainer. The motivation for him doing this 30-day pizza diet was started because he would hand out free pizza coupons at his gym but people would tell him pizza out of the question because they trying to lose fat. The bottom line is that you can probably lose fat if you follow a similar type of diet with regular exercise and get similar results. It all depends on the quality and the quantity of the calories you take in. You need a plan to be successful at fat-loss. Whether you select a drastic fat-loss plan that cuts 25% of your calories or a gradual slow process cutting 10% calories a day and going into deficit slowly does not matter. If your output is more than your input you'll lose fat, the worst results come from people who calorie restrict but don't exercise. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Does The Pizza Diet Work

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