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     Fitness Tips For 8/15/2012

The Truth About Overtraining

Overtraining Bodybuilding's Arch Enemy

When you are training correctly you should see muscle growth at a 
rapid and steady rate. This may seem like a far out claim to be 
making, since so few bodybuilders make rapid, steady gains. Most 
have accepted the fact that muscle growth is a very slow arduous 
process. And many have trained for years, after reaching a certain
point, with no more gains in size or strength.

I will make another far out claim here - If you are no growing 
quickly and steadily you are overtraining.

But you ask, "can't it also be due to undertraining?". Sure if you 
don't workout at all or if you do a set of curls once a month, 
you're not going to grow either. But the true situation 99.9% of 
the time with modern bodybuilders is overtraining not undertraining.

Each individual has a certain tolerance for the amount of exercise 
he can withstand and if he does even a little bit more than that he
will overtrain and slow down his gains. If he does a lot more than 
his tolerance level his gain will stop completely or he may even 
lose strength and size.

I will repeat is again here - If you are not growing quickly and 
steadily you are overtraining.

"But", you say, "I only workout 3 days a week and do only 25 sets 
for my whole body, that only a 10th of the amount of training most 
people do, how can I be overtraining?"

Don't be so concerned about what others are doing, a lot of them are 
taking steroids and still growing slowly or not at all.

Why don't you try cutting back to 20 sets for your whole body and see
what happens. Or if you are still not growing try cutting back to 15 
sets or 10 sets or even 5 sets. Also try training only 2 times a 
week or how about once.

I will say again - If you are not growing quickly and steadily you 
are overtraining.

This is not just a theory - it really works. As a personal trainer 
when I see one of my trainees not gaining fast enough I lessen his/her 
workload, training frequency or both. And the results speak for 

One recent trainee weighed 165 before his first workout with me and 
after only 10 days he weighted 170 and his fat level was visibly 
lower, so in effect he gained 8 or 9 lbs of solid muscle doing only
12 sets for his whole body 2 or 3 times a week, that almost a pound 
a day gain.

Another trainee after reading my book "Truly Huge" trained himself for 
1 week and added 20 lbs in almost all his exercises and was growing 
so fast he got stretch marks on his triceps. He does only 10 sets 
for his whole body. 

Some of my trainees do only 5 sets for their whole body and workout 
once every 4 to 5 days.

"But", you say again, "If I still find myself not growing, what do 
you want me to do, 3 sets once a week?".

If that what it takes to make great gains, then yes that's what you
should do.

Your purpose should be to make big gains fast, and not worry about 
what others think or what tradition dictates.

The proof of any training is in the gains you are making from it. 
Try training less if you are not growing or not growing fast enough 
and you will see the truth of what I am saying.

For full details on how to train less and make the fastest gains 
possible checkout the Truly Huge Bodybuilding Program

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The Truth About Overtraining

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