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Time Block Training

Your Testosterone Levels

Did you know that your testosterone levels start to decline in your mid 20's to early thirties?

Some sources cite test being down 30%+ when you hit your early 40's.

That sucks! That means you gain fat easier, your energy drains faster, and you can't put on as much muscle... not to mention the side-effects in the bedroom!

Well - the good news is, there is a lot you can do about it.

A lot of guys these days are opting for TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

I am much more a fan of boosting Testosterone levels naturally.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/26/2022

Use Time Blocks Instead of Sets

"Time Blocks" can be effectively used exactly the same way as they are used for improving performance at work or management level, it deals with an increased workload using time blocks. It is a tried and tested methodology for many big and small companies to help deal with an increased production output demand.

Many companies that use time blocks, usually spend the last half hour of the working day analyzing performance to make sure that progress is constantly being made where it counts, mostly those that directly relate to relevant deadlines. Using time blocks has shown to increase productivity by up to a 50%.

Time blocks have been used for training athletes just as effectively. Good results like a 50% increase in size and strength require strict adherence to specific time blocks, using time and not counting reps. How you use your time blocks, the blueprint you create out will depend on your own specific objective. Whether it's to gain strength, stamina or size.

Coaches have agreed that there is a very specific format which should be used because training more than an hour with high intensity has been contraindicated by sports science. The format below for creating a 55-minute workout should be followed. But you have to be honest with yourself, even if you take it super-slow and spend 5 minutes between transitions to recuperate, the workout below will take you a max of 75 minutes.

The difference when using time blocks correctly is going to come from selecting your weights correctly, because you are NOT counting sets and reps. You are counting time, so whether you load a movement like bench-press up with too much weight to go slowly, or you select a weight that allows you to continue with the movement until the allocated time block is over, will make all the difference.

The 5 different time blocks listed below should be followed in this order. It's got to be strict, so even if you can no longer continue with the movement because you have reached failure, you need to remove some weight and continue until the time block is complete.

The Blocks A through E are listed in a specific order of priority that coaches recommend. Block C should be done using sets or 6 to 12 reps with a quick rest between sets, but you got to decrease the rest time between these sets with every workout you do this for.

Training - Priority - Time
A - General mobility moves and warm ups - 10 minutes
B - Strength and Power movements - 15 minutes
C - Hypertrophy movements - 15 minutes
D - General conditioning like cardio - 10 minutes
E - Cool-downs - 5 minutes

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