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          FINESS TIPS FOR 3/8/2000           

I have a great tip regarding abs.

When you are in the gym go to the cables and put the rope 
on the highest point, use a moderate to heavy weight and 
kneel down on the floor and take the rope and hold it just 
on top of your head and pull the weight towards your abs 
you should really feel it. I have used ropes for about 2 
months now and have seen better results just using ropes 
than I have doing 3 different isolation exercises and in less 

Bryan Bronswyk

Triceps in 10mins: 4 sets of french presses on a 30 degree 
decline bench. 8-10 reps per set and 1min between each set. 
3 sets of v-shaped triceps pushdowns keeping strict form 
and completing 8-12 reps per set with 30secs rest between 
sets. Cable kickbacks (hold on to the rubber ball or connect 
reope and hold that) - 2 sets, no rest as the other arm rests 
between sets. 12-15 reps or till failure.

The Malcomonster

I've placed a mirror on the ceiling directly above my bench 
so that I may check out the correctness of my technique & 
motivate myself during this exercise.  

I have set up a few weightrooms (2 schools & a boys summer 
camp) with only success to speak of.


I'm sure someone has already thought of this....  but I 
recently discovered for myself a good way of getting an 
effective workout without having someone to spot you to 
get that last rep....  use a pretty heavy weight and do as 
many as you can, until failure....  when you can't do anymore, 
drop that weight and IMMEDIATELY pick up a lighter weight, 
maybe half that of the heavy weight you just dropped....  
go to failure again!  Great workout without the need for a 
spot!  works great for people who work out at home and don't 
always havesomeone around to get that last rep...



Tribulus Terrestris

Q. What is Tribulus Terrestris?

A. Tribulus Terrestris has been the secret weapon Bulgaria. It 
has been used extensively and with apparent great 
effectiveness by Bulgarian strength athletes. 

Tribulus Terrestris is the closest and strongest all natural 
herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones. This 
non-hormonal supplement is proven to increase testosterone 
levels in humans.

Q. What does Tribulus Terrestris do?

A. Tribulus Terrestris causes your body to release luteinizing 
hormone, which in turn then signals your testicles to 
naturally produce more testosterone. But Tribestan also 
prevents your body from recognizing that is producing high 
levels of testosterone, so your body will not try to then lower 
it luteinizing hormone levels. So your testosterone level 
stays high.

Since testosterone promotes protein synthesis and positive
nitrogen balance, the benefits for the athlete are muscle cell 
growth and increased body strength, as well as faster 
recuperation and recovery from muscular stress. This 
together with its diuretic effect promotes the lean, hard 
muscular look. Other additional benefits are increased 
immunity, lowered cholesterol levels, increased self 
confidence, improved workout attitude and better mood 
in general.

Q. Is Tribulus Terrestris safe?

A. Yes! Used as directed Tribestan is completely non-toxic, 
safe and very effective.

Q. Are there any side effects from taking Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a completely natural product with no 
contradictions, no toxicity and no side effects. Taken as
directed youíll experience no negative side effects.  You will 
notice an improved feeling of well being, more energy, 
healthier sex drive, better appetite, lower body fat levels, 
and improved athletic performance. When training with 
weights you will increase strength and lean muscle mass 
as well as increase your desire to train.

Q. Should people that take steroids or prohormones use 
Tribulus Terrestris?

A. When taking external sources of testosterone, your body 
can decrease it's own natural testosterone production. 
Tribulus Terrestris keep your own bodies testosterone 
level high.

Also Tribulus Terrestris can help someone trying to get off 
steroids by jump-starting the bodies natural testosterone 
production back to normal levels, thus eliminating the 
usual losses in mass and strength.

Q. How should Tribulus Terrestris be taken?

A. A typical cycle is 8 weeks long followed by 2 weeks 
off. People under 200 lbs take 1 tablet every 8 hours
(3 times a day, durring meals), and people over 
200 lbs take 2 tablets every 8 hours (3 times a day, 
durring meals).

Q. Should Tribulus Terrestris be taken on days you 
donít train?

A. Yes! Just follow the same time-dose schedule. It is 
very important to take Tribulus Terrestris and other 
supplements on your non-workout days as these are 
critical recovery days where your body will utilize the 
hormones and nutrients for muscle growth and repair.

Q. Can Tribulus Terrestris be taken with Creatine and 

Yes and we highly recommend it. These are completely 
different supplements that work on completely different 
pathways. They will not interfere with one another and 
only act to complement each supplementís effect.

Example: Tribulus Terrestris for increasing testosterone. 
Creatine for buffering ATP and increasing cell volume. 
Protein for higher nitrogen levels and increased protein 

Q. Can Tribulus Terrestris cause "Gyno" or "bitch-tits"?

A. Gynecomastia is caused by excessive estrogen in the 
body of males. Tribulus Terrestris does not cause 
excessive estrogen, in fact it will normalize estrogen 
levels in your body, including bringing it down if it was 
too high.

Q. Is Tribulus Terrestris safe for women?

A. Yes! Tribulus Terrestris will increase Testosterone levels 
in women, but not enough to cause masculinizing effects. 
Tribulus Terrestris  is perfect for women looking to build 
muscle and lose fat.

Note: Women taking Tribulus Terrestris need to stop taking
it 5 days before thier period and resume after. Tribulus 
Terrestris can increase follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) 
in women. (FSH levels do not increase in men taking 
Tribulus Terrestris).

Q. Will Tribulus Terrestris show up on a drug test?

A. Tribulus Terrestris increases your bodies own natural 
testosterone production, it is not an outside source of 
Testosterone that will show up on a drug test.


No other product on the market today possesses all body 
shaping, performance and health benefits Tribulus terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris isn't on any Food & Drug Administration 
"list" of controlled or illegal substances. Tribulus Terrestris
has passed all the drug tests on every competitive level.
Because of its safety and desirable benefits, this is great 
dietary supplement for every level of physical activity. 
Tribulus Terrestris has been used with significant results 
by top professional athletes as well as recreational sport 

Now you can raise the levels of your anabolic hormones 
safely with Tribulus Terrestris. Add the zest and strength 
to your workout, recover faster, improve your sex life, 
stamina and sense of well being. 

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