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       FITNESS TIP FOR 4/11/2000           

Drug-Free Training & Diet Breakthrough

By Dan Gallapoo

I recently interviewed Rob Faigin, author of Natural Hormonal
Enhancement, via telephone. His manual is getting rave reviews
from doctors, scientists, and bodybuilders. Many are calling it the
most important and revolutionary book ever written on the topic of
health and fitness. Having read the book myself cover-to-cover
(twice), I definitely agree. I think in terms of the presentation,
content, and research it is the best bodybuilding and fitness book
I've ever read. For purposes of this interview, however, I will put
myself in the shoes of someone who hasn't read the book, so that I
can elicit responses from the author. The following is a transcript
of our discussion. I believe that you will find Rob's philosophies
and his research to be fascinating and extremely helpful in
achieving your drug-free bodybuilding goals.

Gallapoo: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, I know
your schedule is crazy these days.

Faigin: My pleasure, Dan. I very much appreciate the work you're
doing to advance the cause of drug-free bodybuilding.

Gallapoo: How would you sum-up the essence of Natural
Hormonal Enhancement?

Faigin: Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the first ever
comprehensive system for naturally stimulating fat-burning,
muscle-building, and anti-aging hormones.

Gallapoo: Please expand on what you mean by "comprehensive."

Faigin: By comprehensive I mean touching on every aspect of life
- diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Supplementation, too, is critical and
it is discussed in general terms in the book and more specifically
in the Extique Supplement Review, which will be released in a
few months. The fact is that you can't achieve your potential unless
you approach bodybuilding and health-building from a
comprehensive perspective. All four factors - diet, exercise,
lifestyle, and supplementation - work in synergy. Many people
place undue reliance on supplementation or diet or exercise
instead of using a multi-faceted strategy. For example, if you are
taking a supplement designed to increase testosterone levels, but
you are over-stimulating cortisol due to a hormonally-incorrect
training regimen, you won't get the benefits from the supplement. In
this scenario, you are wasting your money - you might as well put
the supplement directly into the toilet bowl and save your
intestines the trouble. There are countless ways in which you can
diminish or negate the effectiveness of a supplement through
hormonally-incorrect diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices.
Consumers are learning this the hard way, and gradually the magic
pill concept is falling into disrepute. Many supplement companies
are responding to this trend toward consumer enlightenment by
providing information on these other areas. In this way, Natural
Hormonal Enhancement can be seen as "user's manual" for
prohormone supplement consumers.

Gallapoo: I want to expand on what you mean by
"hormonally-correct," but first let me ask you a fundamental
question: how much influence do we have on our hormone levels.

Faigin: That question goes right to the heart of the issue. The fact
is that we have far greater influence on our hormone levels than
people realize - in fact, every day of your life you influence your
hormone levels. The problem is that most people are doing so
unknowingly, and therefore haphazardly. If you can't build muscle
mass, or you have excess bodyfat, or if you look old for your age,
or have low energy levels, chances are your "shotgun method" of
hormonal enhancement probably isn't working too well. The
object of Natural Hormonal Enhancement is to get your entire
hormonal army working for you - rather than against you - in the
quest for a better body and better health.

Gallapoo: And this also helps you get better results from
prohormone supplementation?

Faigin: Definitely.

Gallapoo: Okay, give me another example of how people who are
taking prohormone supplements are shooting themselves in the

Faigin: Take, for example, growth hormone releasers. Growth
hormone is released in pulsatile bursts throughout the day, with the
lion's share is released at night during slow-wave sleep, 60-90
minutes after falling asleep. However, high blood sugar levels are
powerfully antagonistic to growth hormone release. Therefore, if
you hit the sack on a belly full of carbs, you are suppressing the
nocturnal GH burst.

Gallapoo: And this suppressive effect happens even if you take a
GH secretagogue before bed?

Faigin: Yes, the efficacy of the GH releaser can be reduced by as
much as 100% under these circumstances. And this is only one
small example of how bodybuilders are cheating themselves out of
achieving their physique goals. There are many more examples
discussed in the book.

Gallapoo: If understand you correctly, you're not saying that
people shouldn't take prohormone supplements, but that they
should be aware of the factors that can impact their effectiveness.

Faigin: Exactly. Prohormone supplements can be very beneficial.
 Some are better than others, of course, but as a general statement
I'm pro-prohormone, so to speak, if and only if they are being
taken as part of an overall hormonal enhancement strategy. Used in
this context, they can be very effective.

Gallapoo: I want to return to the concept of "hormonally correct"
training. What's that all about.

Faigin: A "hormonally correct" or "hormonally intelligent"
training routine is one that focuses on the metabolic and hormonal
impact of exercise. The fact is that exercise alters your
metabolism and exerts a profound influence on your hormone
levels. Only recently have researchers begun to map-out the ways
in which exercise affects hormone levels within the body. This
line of research holds the key to dramatically increasing the
effectiveness of your workouts.

Gallapoo: Specifically, how much difference do you think
hormonally-intelligent exercise can make for the average drug-free

Faigin: In terms of results, exercising in a hormonally intelligent
manner, as opposed to "flying blind," which is what people are
doing who do not understand the hormonal and metabolic
dynamics of exercise, can produce three times the results in
one-half the time.

Gallapoo: That's amazing.

Faigin: But not difficult to believe when you begin to understand
how incredibly powerful hormones are, and when you understand
that exercise has the ability to unleash these powerful hormonal
forces within your body, either beneficially or detrimentally.

Gallapoo: Give me some specifics.

Faigin: Okay. Exercise can increase insulin sensitivity; or it can
decrease insulin sensitivity by raising cortisol levels. Exercise is
potentially the most powerful natural growth hormone stimulator
known to science, and, therefore, an unmatched anti-aging force,
fat-burner, muscle-builder, and immune booster; or it can suppress
growth hormone levels. Exercise can send testosterone levels in
men soaring, increasing sex drive and sexual performance, and
opening the door to all the physiological and psychological
benefits of youth; or it can suppress testosterone so low that it is
virtually impossible to get an erection, and equally impossible to
build an ounce of muscle. Exercise can suppress the catabolic
hormone cortisol; or it can cause a catabolic jailbreak, unleashing
cortisol and other hostile catabolic hormones to assault your
immune system, eat-away at precious muscle tissue, and create
generalized havoc within your body. The sad fact is that many
people train for months, or even years, without experiencing any
noticeable results. As someone who is uniquely in touch with the
drug-free or "genetically average Joe" bodybuilder, Dan, you must
hear stories all the time about people training regularly and
consistently but having very little to show for it.

Gallapoo: All the time.

Faigin: Well, a "hardgainer" is usually someone who is
stimulating the wrong kind of hormones and suppressing the right

Gallapoo: So I guess you can say that the "genetically average
Joe" may really be the "hormonally challenged Joe." [Laughs]

Faigin: Yeah, I guess you can say that. But keep in mind that the
hormonal disadvantage many bodybuilders have is self-imposed,
not genetically dictated. There is genetically-ordained hormonal
variation among bodybuilders as there is with any other trait -
some people have higher baseline levels of certain hormones. But
we all have the same arsenal of anabolic and lipolytic hormones
and everyone can, and does, influence how much growth hormone,
IGF-1, cortisol, insulin, glucagon, and testosterone is produced
every day. The reason that most people achieve sub-optimal
results from exercise is that their workouts are

Gallapoo: Specifically, what are the exercise factors that
 influence fat-burning and muscle-building hormones?

Faigin: Intensity, volume, duration, frequency, load, and exercise
selection. Coordinating these six factors for optimal hormonal
response is the key to achieving phenomenal results from exercise.

Gallapoo:  Thanks, Rob. 

Natural Hormonal Enhancement is one of the most powerful and 
comprehensive systems I have ever seen for natural bodybuilders. 
This truly may be the closest you will ever get to "steroid-like" 
results in your training and diet program.