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          FITNESS TIPS FOR 4/19/2000           

Cross Training For A Life Style Of Fitness 
By Cara Zaller
Certified Fitness Instructor, AFAA
Ceftified Nutrition Consultant, AFPA

Cross Training is the key to Injury Prevention, Motivation, and 
Results. Too often we see participants getting injured, aerobics 
attendees dropping out of class or people just stop working out 
altogether because they're not seeing the results they want. 


Injury Prevention through Cross Training can easily been 
exemplified by a typical runner. In order for a runner to 
prevent injuries, he/she must include strength exercises, 
non-impact cardiovascular training, as well as lateral and 
flexibility training in his/her fitness program.  

Strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles will 
protect the knees and ankles from a great deal of stress, which 
is endured while running.  Biking and swimming are examples of 
non-impact cardiovascular exercises, which give the body a 
chance to recover from the impact of running. Lateral training 
such as slide and box aerobics are ways to balance running 
which is just a forward motion, with exercises that move side to 
side giving a runner better overall balance. 

Flexibility training allows a runner to maintain full range of motion 
throughout the body, which in turn prevents injury.  As you get 
older your muscles tend to shorten.  By stretching your muscles 
you can prevent this occurrence and allow your muscles to 
retain their full range of motion.


Motivation is needed each time you begin an exercise.  What is 
your motivation to do a particular activity, and why do you 
suddenly stop participating in a particular activity? Let's use a 
cycle training student as an example.  Why would a student after 
coming to cycle class each day decide not to take class any 
longer? Boredom is usually the number one reason. When cycle 
training first came out, everyone wanted to try it and became 
addicted to it. Every day, sometimes twice in one day, students 
would rush to take a cycle class. We are seeing now a 
significant drop in cycle class attendance. Students are tired of 
the same routine that the cycle class offers. 

How do you prevent becoming bored, and stay motivated to 
attend new classes and new programs? Cross-Train! Cycle 
Training is a very intense workout. This type of workout should 
only be done once or twice a week. The same applies for Step 
Classes, Box Aerobics, Yoga, Sculpting, Etc. To stay motivated 
you need variety. Create a schedule which incorporates one of 
each type of class per week and you'll never get bored. You will 
look forward to each class each time you go.


Positive changes in your body, achieving goals and seeing those
results are what you are trying to achieve. Doing the same type 
of exercise repeatedly, such as 30 minutes on the stair master 
at the same level every day, defeats your purpose.  This 
repetition makes your body very efficient at completing that 
one exercise. This means your body can do the same exercise 
and expend fewer and fewer calories each time you perform 
that exercise.  These efficiencies are what cause diminishing 
returns. The result is you do not reach your fitness goals.  
What if you did a different type of exercise each day or each 
week? Your body would never be given the opportunity to 
become accustom to any one exercise.  Once again, Cross 
Training is the solution. Cross Training challenges your body 
in different ways each day and allows you to achieve your 
fitness goals and provide you with overall balance.  More 
muscles have the opportunity to be trained with different 
exercises, which prepares the body for almost any activity.  
Do you remember what it was like when you first tried a new 
exercise? You got that feeling like you just found new 
muscles. By varying your workouts, you can find and use 
new muscles almost every time which leads to amazing 
results in your body. 

Cross Training allows you to stay motivated by allowing you 
to feel like you're doing something new and exciting each 
time you workout.  Would you miss your workouts if you 
began to see results and even had fun while doing it? Not a 
chance! Right?  Make your workout fun by adding variety.  
Cross-Train! You'll stay motivated, you'll prevent the 
likelihood of injuries and most importantly, you'll see 
positive changes in your body! You will be able to maintain 
an active and healthy lifestyle for a lifetime!!



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Will you gain 25 pounds of muscle in eight weeks? Many 
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those factors like training, diet, and mental attitude are 
directly within your control. Other factors like genetics, 
recovery-ability, hormones, etc. are out of your control. I 
know that hundreds of hard-gainers like yourself have 
gained 25 pounds or more in eight weeks on this program. 

Don't worry about those factors that are out of your control. 
Concentrate your energy on those factors that you can 
control and give them your all. Set a goal, write it down 
along with a date that you want to complete it, focus on it, 
visualize the results you want, and GO FOR IT! 

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