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            FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/3/2000           


Powdered egg whites are an economical source of very high 
quality protein. Though the don't dissolve as well as whey, 
the mix well with certain foods, especially tomato sauce. 
Super charge your pasta!

joseph provenzano

March 22, 1999  I decided to change my life by regular exercise, 
healthy eating, and weight lifting.  I weighed 227 last year, and 
now I weigh 155.  At 33, I am in the best shape of my entire life 
to date.   I do not have the flabby skin that people get from fad 
diets.  I replaced fat with muscle the first day I went to the gym.  
So I am proof that you can drop pounds and do it with none 
other than the motivation within myself and right choices.


I've change my abs trainig lately, doing less reps with more
weight. 12 crunches with a heavy plate in my hands, arms 
extended over my head, slowly crunching, holding 2 secs and 
decrunching slowly also. 3 sets of that supersetted with a 
couple a other abs exersises(rope crunches, standing side 
crunches...). I found out that's really working for me to develop 
that six-pack, at last! Some days I do some free crunches, 
sometimes because I've just trained my arms and have 
difficulty to hold that 25 pounds up high. I change my abs 
routine almost everyday, going with my feeling of the 
moment. Training your abs like any other part of your body 
with heavy weight and low rep might be a solution, try it!!


If you have trouble with calves try this.  On a standing calf raise 
machine start out with a weight you can handle for 15 - 20 reps 
and pyramid the weight up and drop reps till you reach 8 reps.  
After your last and heaviest set rest a few seconds then bang 
out as many more reps as you can, drop the weight down a pin 
or two do as many reps as you can, rest a few seconds and 
repeat.  Basically your doing rest - pause with drop sets.  Do 
this once or twice a week.

chris reed

This is for all of those people who are just starting to lift weights 
and want to get quick bulk on their upperbody.

Bench Press 4 sets of 12
Curls           4 sets of 10
Military Press  4 sets of 10
Upright Rows    4 sets of 10
Nosebreakers    4 sets of 10
Barbell Rows    4 sets of 10

It will help if you eat bwtween 1gm of protein per bodyweight and 
3 grams of protein per bodyweight. 

Jon Weeks