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        FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/17/2000           


This is for people having trouble developing their arms:

Barbell Curls   4 sets of 8
Preacher Curls  4 sets of 10
Concentration Curls 4 sets of 10

Triceps Pressdowns  4 sets of 8
Nosebreakers    4 sets of 10
Dumbell Kickbacks   4 sets of 12

Reversed Curls  3 sets of 10
Wrist Curls 3 sets of 10

This program should bring good results within at least 6 weeks 
if you stick to it.


To gain strength in forearms, just simply do your forearm 
workout before you do other upper body workouts, so that 
your forearms are already tired when you get to the other 
workouts.  This will burn the heck out of your forearms and 
the results are huge.

Spike Nail

For all you guys who complain of not having a back on par 
with your chest, just do one simple thing.  Pull-ups!!  I 
rarely see anyone besides myself doing these and they 
work vastly better than the lat pulldown machine.  At first 
you won't be able to do too many, but set a goal of say 20 
total, now it may take you 10 sets to reach this goal, but 
eventually if you stay with it, you'll be doing 20 for your 
first set!  Do them with palms facing away from you so it 
works less of the biceps and more of the back, just stay 
dedicated and you'll get that V-shaped torso!

Pete Eyre

The most important,,never mind important,,this is 
IMPERATIVE.  You must do it, or you won't gain muscle 
POUND OF BODYWEIGHT! At least 2 grams of protein, 2.5 
would be even better.  A good friend of mine is a biochemist 
and he said to me that it is totally possible to gain 2lbs of 
muscle a week...naturally!  He said to do this you would 
have to consume an EXTRA 6000 calories a week, JUST 
from protein sources. Let's say you weigh 150lbs, you 
would consume your normal 150 grams of protein (1 gram 
per lb of bodyweight) and add to that another 215 grams 
of protein, for a total of at least 365 grams of protein per 
day.  Don't forget that you have to train Extra hard to 
stimulate your body's anabolic hormones.  Don't worry 
about the  myth that your body can only use 25-30 grams
of protein at a time, that's a buncha bull!  If your 
muscles are sore then your body is going to use up to a 
100 grams of protein to fix them up again, it's just 
common sense. EAT your protein and GROW!  In the 
past 5 1/2 weeks I went from ( I SWEAR TO GOD) 154lbs 
to 172lbs.  =) Train Hard,EAT YOUR PROTEIN, AND Grow.

ALi Atapour 

Hello. Here is my fitness tip, it is probably more of a 
reminder though. When doing any bench exercise for 
chest remember to isolate those pectorals and try to keep 
the deltoids out of the exercise.  To be sure of this, lay 
on the bench and push your shoulders back towards 
the bench at the same time you are pushing your 
shoulders down toward your butt. Also, elbow placement 
is important, the closer your elbows are to your sides 
the more you will be using your pectorals, and the 
further from your sides the more you will be using your 
deltoids. One more thing to get the pectoral isolated is 
to imagine in your mind, and do it for real ... that you are 
moving the attachment of the pectoral muscle (the upper 
arm) toward the origin (middle of the chest) and squeeze.

Michael Hall

Overtraining in Bodybuilding 

By Dan Gallapoo

This is usually the biggest reason that most people are 
not making gains.

Overtraining is every bodybuilder's nightmare. It is a 
syndrome in which your body catabolizes it's lean muscle 
as fuel due to putting too much a demand on your body. 

Training too often, for too long causes your body to go 
into a state of shock and store your food as energy and 
use your muscles as food. Quite the opposite of what we 
as bodybuilders want, huh?

Training while overtrained will cause you to grow weaker and get
smaller. Roughly translated, if you are not progressing, you may
need to take a rest. Most people think that if they are getting
weaker they aren't doing enough so they add in more sets or train
more often, putting them deeper and deeper into the overtraining

Signs and Symptoms of Overtraining:

            1. A loss of appetite.

            2. A lack of motivation to train.

            3. Irritability.

            4. Insomnia.

            5. Unexplained strength loss.

If these symptoms apply to you, I advise you to take 2 to 3 
weeks off for recovery and evaluate your training. Find out 
where the problem lies, fix it, and get motivated for your new 

Dan Gallapoo's is the author of "A Genetically Average Joe's 
Guide To Building Muscle While Losing Fat" which is now 
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