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       FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/24/2000           

Protein Drink Recipes - Best Homemade High Protein Drinks
By Dan Gallapoo

Protein powders and meal replacment drinks can help you add
protein to your diet and are easily digestible. 

For those on a budget, here's a protein drink recipe I used to 
use (before I became rich and famous...LOL): 

*2 to 3 eggs 
*16 oz. milk 
*non fat dry milk powder 
*Some kind of flavoring. Some times I used a couple scoops 
of ice cream or some chocolate Ovaltine. 
(Unfortunately for you low carb guys, this is not a low carb
protein drink.) 

If you're concerned about the eggs and salmonella, you can
drop them in boiling water for 45 to 60 seconds. 

Here's a low carb protein drink: 
*2 to 3 eggs 
*4 oz. heavy whipping cream 
*Sugar free Tang (or a generic equivalent). This stuff has no 
carbs and is sweetened with Nutrasweet. 

For more great recipes see the Bodybuilder's Cook Book at: 



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