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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/7/2000                  


Super Slow Ab Training

I have found a way to get those abs.  try the "super-slow" 
method.  it is a trademarked term and it works.  What you 
do is lay on the floor, legs butterfly, soles pressed together 
and pulled towards your butt.  Reach your hands out in front 
of you and lace your fingers.  Pull your arms up through your 
legs so slow that you are counting to ten to reach there.  
Hold one second and release at a five count.  Don't 
completely rest back on the mat.  Come close and repeat.  Do 
5.  Advance eventually to nine. Do that exercise.  Then do the 
same position and reach for the sides of your legs.  Then 
stand and do side bends. Then do wall squats -- go down, 
count to ten when your knees are at a 90 degree angle.  
Release on a five count.  Then do neg push-ups.  Go as close 
as you can to the floor, hold 10, then go to the floor to use 
your legs to get back in position.  Repeat.  Do this first thing 
in the morning on empty stomach. IT WORKS!!!


Bicep Workout Routine 

Here's my twenty minute bicep routine. Do this routine only 
once in a awhile to provide a shock to the muscles.

After 2 light barbell curl warmup sets, do four supersets of 
barbell curls 8-10 reps until failure immediately followed by 
seated dumbbell curls 8-10 reps until failure. 

Rest three minutes between sets. should take less than 
twenty minutes and you will receive an incredible pump. 
You should expect to lift less weight in your final two

Jonathan Kaine

Build Calf Muscle

I have found that utilizing the priority principle is the best 
way to work the weakest bodyparts...for me my calves.  
3 months ago I began training calves FIRST before my 
other muscles group and to this day, my calves are 
growing like never before.  when I do my calf routine, I 
usually do 5 sets of 8-12 heavy reps 2 or 3 times a


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