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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 7/26/2000                  

Lost Bodybuilding Secrets - Part 1
Increase Muscle Strength To Gain Muscle Size 

In this series of articles, I have tried to bring together three 
principles of successful training that have been either 
forgotten, ignored or misunderstood. I am not trying to 
pretend these ideas are my own 'invention'. Instead, I am 
bringing them to the attention of the many in the hope of 
helping them, as these secrets have helped me. If you are 
serious about getting bigger and stronger, have an open
mind and feel that things are not going to plan at the 
moment, then these articles are for you. 

Magic Formulas 

I am sad to report that in today's society people are looking 
for short cuts to success or 'magic formulas' that will make 
their dreams come true and this is reflected most vividly in 
the body building fraternity. If this wasn't the case then
the newsstands would not be full of glossy magazines with 
pictures of Mr. Olympia and the routines he used to build his 
prize-winning physique. Sadly, very few people realise that 
the routines accompanying the pictures are designed
for advanced men who have already built a huge, muscular 
physique and want to sculpt it into a work of art in order to 
win contests. The isolation exercises they use are designed 
for just that, isolating a muscle NOT BUILDING IT. One of the
most painful things for me to watch in a gym is a 1201b, 6 foot 
fifteen year old beginner hammering out sets of lateral raises 
with 10 lb dumbbells and wondering why his shoulders aren't 

Putting The Building Back Into Bodybuilding

It is about time that the building is put back into BODYBUILDING. 
Forget about trying to keep muscular symmetry while you are 
building (unless you are an extremely easy gainer and look huge 
before you even pick up a weight) get huge first, then worry about 
sculpting. But how do you know when one is advanced and ready 
to gain from isolation exercises. Simple, if you have a medium bone
structure (that's 7 to 7 1/2 inch wrists measured ABOVE the 
protruding bones) until you have built 17 inch upper arms, 45 to 47 
inch chest, 24 to 26 inch thighs and the ability to curl 150 lbs for 
reps, squat 400lbs for several reps and bench over 300lbs, then 
forget about cable crossovers. 

Strength And Size 

What has strength got to do with muscle size I hear you say. 
Weightlifters train for strength while body builder's train differently 
for size. The two are totally separate issues. Rubbish! Strength and 
size are interlocked and the only way to get bigger is to get stronger. 
If you double your bench pressing strength over a number of years, 
how on earth can the muscles of your arms, shoulders and back
stay the same size? If you dont believe me load a bar with 170 lbs 
and hold it as if you were to perform a curl. Now do you think your 
biceps will be the same size if they can curl this weight. Of course 
not, how could they, a famous old bodybuilder called Reg Park 
regularly performed 3 sets of 5 reps with 300 lbs in a behind the 
neck press. It is impossible for a man to be that strong and have 
small muscles. You must concentrate on the big compound 
exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pulldowns and rows. 

This is why compound exercises work, bench presses indirectly 
stimulate your triceps, shoulders and even your back. So forget 
about 30 lb concentration curls unless you already posses a huge, 
strong physique. 

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 David Gentle 1997/98. from Muscle Mob Magazine, by permission of 
the publisher 


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