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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 8/17/2000                  

Building Chest Muscle 

I recently tried a program that a friend who is a powerlifter 
had suggested to increase bench and chest mass.  (This is 
performed on a flat bench)  After a complete warm and 
stretch, calculate and use 80% of your max and complete 
10 sets of three reps with a 30 sec pause between sets.  
Maintain a fixed weight for all 10 sets and try to move up 
at least five pounds per training session for a six week 
cycle. You then continue with your regular chest routine 
for that day (minus flat bench of course!)  I added 
thickness and 20 lbs to my max during this cycle.

I hope this is helpfull



It never ceases to amaze me when I see guys at the 
gym who are obviously very serious about their 
training walk into the gym, and without a cardio 
warm-up or any sort of stretching launch directly into 
their work-outs.

To get the most out of your training the muscles the 
muscles need to be warm, and then stretched
periodically throughout the workout. This helps to 
get fresh blood into the muscles as well as preventing 
stiffness, and will also encourage movement and 

To train and get strength is a fantastic thing to do but 
not if it comes at the cost of mobility later in life, when 
it becomes all the more important. 

These same guys at the end of their workout leave 
the gym without stretching either. Once the muscles 
are fully pumped they need to be stretched, as this 
helps to cool them down. Of course it is also going to 
help them to grow quicker.

It  may seem like a drag to stretch all the time, but it 
will be worth it in the end, and as you become more 
flexible over time you will wonder why you were 
never doing it before.    

Mark Hamilton


To build quality mass and peak, eat that daily diet 
packed with that one to two grams of necessary 
protein per pound of bodyweight, and use dropsets.  
I apologize to the avid weightlifter who knows what 
dropsetting is, but for those of you who don't, I'll 
explain it now. Dropsetting is using a specific weight 
to faliure in an excercise, then instead of resting,
you quickly switch to a slightly lower weight, use it to 
failure, and reduce until (assuming you use free 
weights) you end with an empty bar.  After you finish 
with the empty bar, rest until you start to breathe 
at a normal rate, and repeat.  Do 3-4 Dropsets.  
Something as potent as dropsetting can also be very 
draining, and I suggest you use it for only one 
excercise a day at the end of your workout. Using 
this method I saw my chest grow inches (plural) in 
just a week.  Anyway, good luck to you all.  


Chest Muscle Workout 

Tired of the same chest exercises?  Need a shorter 
workout?  Try this next time you're in a rut.  Use a 
Smith Machine and dumbells for a chest compund set.  
Use the weights you would normally use if you were 
doing each set independently or maybe a bit lower.

Set the bench of the smith machine at an incline of 
30-45 degrees depending on what you're comfortable 
with.  Start with the barbell press and work out 12 reps. 
Immediately move the bech forward so it doesn't get
in the way of the machine and work out 10-12 reps of 
incline dumbell press, but at the top of the movement, 
turn your wrists/hands inwards as if you're doing 
flyes.  Do three compound sets and finish off your 
chest workout with pec dec, cables or dips!
It'll hurt, but be worth it!



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