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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 8/30/2000                  

By Steve Gardner

Inspired by an article that has just appeared (as I write this 
article) in Natural Development I thought I would compose 
a piece of my own on the subject of bicep training and the 
size of our upper arm measurements.

I am six feet three inches and around 224 pounds. Not bad but 
hardly likely to scare the horses or be considered freakish. On 
an average size man my weight and dimensions would be large 
and give me the typical Bodybuilder's shape. I have still a way 
to go however before I am able to fill my large frame out. Even 
so, I would be a member of the 16 inch arm club. I seem to 
recall reading that a few years back there was a 'club' which 
you could write to and you had to have at least a flexed upper 
arm measurement of 16 inches to be considered for 
membership. My right upper arm, when flexed - but not 
pumped - is a tad under 17 inches. Not bad when you 
consider, many moons ago, that I could boast only of a 
magnificent twelve and a half inches!

I am gonna make it worse now by saying that I only do two 
sets for arms. Just two sets in total. One set of curls and one 
set of dips. That is not a mis-print and to make it worse I 
don't do any warm-up sets either. Both the two sets are 
considered by me to be work sets. Worse still, I do rest 
pause on the curls and the total reps for both movements 
are no more than 12!

Here is an example of a routine I was doing.

Mondays Warm-up and then.
Squats 20 kilos each side of an 80-inch bar. 70 kilos e/s x 5 reps
Bench Press 20 kilos e/s x 8 reps 50.25 kilos e/s x 4 reps
Lat. Pulldowns 40 kilos x 8 reps 121 kilos x 4 reps
Crunches x 25 reps.

Thursdays Warm-up as before
Seated Barbell Press 10 kilos e/s x 8 reps. 30 kilos e/s x 4 reps
Deadlift 20 kilos e/s x 8 reps 85 kilos x 4 reps
E-Z Curls 29.25 kilos e/s x 5 rest-pause reps 
Dips 43 kilos over bodyweight x 5 reps
Crunches x 25 rep

Note: e/s = each side

As can be seen this is a very low volume routine, which while
it suits me, it may not suit you. Nevertheless, you can see 
that there appears to be two reasons why I am able to boast 
of having 17 natural inches up my sleeve. One is the sheer 
poundage I am lifting in one or two movements - which while 
not being earth shattering are not to be sniffed at. The second 
is that I am doing what are called compound movements.

These form the core of my workouts and are the main reason 
why anyone gets big. Indeed it has been said that you could 
drop the curls and dips from such a routine - when trying to 
milk its full benefit and providing you are still putting weight 
on the bar, your arms will grow too. Believe you and me, if 
your bench press goes up 50-pounds, so will your biceps 

The weights quoted are neither my best ever or what I 
consider 'as far as I can go'. No way! There is plenty of 
room for improvement and injuries allowing I aim to go over 
80 kilos e/s on Squats, 60 kilos e/s on Benches, 140 kilo 
Lat. Pulldowns. 35 kilos e/s on Presses, 32.5 kilos e/s on 
curls and 105 kilos e/s on the Deadlift. Not forgetting 60 
kilos for reps on the dips! These are my immediate targets.

I may consider a slightly higher volume approach for my 
next routine, but only once I have milked this cycle dry. I will, 
of course, have to drop some weight from the curls and dips, 
but will endeavour to see if a higher volume approach will 
bring the veins out and give me that elusive 17 .25 inches,
then 17 .5 and so on. Of course, it might be better just to 
get bigger and stronger and let the measurements take care 
of themselves. What do you think?

This article is not supposed to be a vehicle for me to tell 
you all about myself, although it certainly does that. No, 
its to tell you of an alternative method for getting big biceps,  
compared to the mainstream magazines and to prove to you 
that it can be done. So like I said in the title - 18 inches here 
I come!

Are you prepared to join me in the 18 inch biceps club?

© Steve Gardner 1999. from Muscle Mob Magazine, by permission of 
the publisher 


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