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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 9/27/2000                  

Army Ranger Boot Camp Workout 
By Z-Man

I started working out in 1989. Seriously working out, while I 
was in army boot camp. (For all those guys that are in the 
military and are expected to run long distances or march
long distances.  Don't worry about getting big.  Your job 
requires you to have endurance and strength.  Strength 
that will last all day.  So don't go into the gym and do 
alot of weight for 1 to 6 reps.  Thats not the Army Ranger 
Workout .  You need to go into the gym and do 4 sets 
of 12 reps.  That doesn't mean stay at the same weight. 
When you can do a weight for 4 sets of 12 without a 
spot.  It is time to go up in weight. even if your partner 
has to help you with the last 4 reps still go for 12 reps.  
Stay there for an hour. Concentrate on the areas that 
your job requires you to excel in.

Remember this formula:
Pushup= Bench press, Dumbbell Flies. Military Press. Lat pull 
downs.  Pull ups,  Dumbbell Rows, Barbell Rows. Go to the gym 
for no less than 40 minutes a day and no more than 1 hour.  
Work at a fast pace, with no more than 1 minute brakes in
between sets. Go for 6 days a week and divide workout like this.

2.  BACK

When you do legs you need to do 4 sets of 20 of every 
exercise.  Legs can endure much more than the upperbody 
and there is much more required. Formula For this is:

Legs= Squat, leg curls, leg extensions, Leg Press, calf raises, 
and what ever else you see people doing in the gym that 
doesn't appear to be Dangerous.

Now only do this workout if things like Running, road 
marching, and PT tests. wear you out and you barely meet
minimum requirements. This is why I started working out.  I 
found workouts like this in Muscle Mag and other guys that 
have been in the military for a long period of time.

My Accomplishments after working  out like this until 1992 was:

*PT Score was 296-300 average every time.
*EIB Roadmarch 2 Hours. 5 Minutes. 1st place out of 500 
*Chosen to represent my Battalion in the Biathlon Compition.  
Placed 3rd in Every division in Alaska.
*Chosen to Represent my Battalion in Division Orienteering 
competition.  Placed 3rd again in Alaska.  Ran 18 miles that 
daywith a broken foot that I tripped over while looking at the
map while I was running.  Lost my watch and still came in 20 
minutes early.
*Represented my Company in the Battalion obstacle Coarse.  
1st place.
*1 of 5 men in battalion chosen to be one of the Battalion Scout 

One other thing that I blame my success on was. While 
everyone else was out to the bars drinking their beer and 
wisky with all there drunken women that is looking for a 
soldier to drag down to thier level.  I was doing something 
like Hiking, Camping, Rock climbing or some adventure 
with Good women that didn't drink or have a looser attitude.  
Now  that,  I can brag about for the rest of my life.  I wasn't 
always like that.  I have seen both sides.  One day I woke 
up and realized that life was to short to live small and sell 
my self short.

I am not bragging!  I am just letting you know that this can be 
you and you can get results just like I did.  I was Fat, Lazy,
unmotivated and only met life half way.  When I made up my 
mind that, this is who I wanted to be.  6 WEEKS LATER I 
STARTED TO SHINE. I had sergeants asking me what I think 
we should do and I was just a private.  So Remember:  (Be A 
Leader!  Not A Follower!)  You are an Army Ranger.  You 
set the example for others to follow.  Lets not disappoint our 
forefathers, that died so we could have this opportunity to 
be our best.  If you don't want to do it for your self.  Do it for 




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