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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 10/04/2000                  


How To Increase The Bench Press 1 Rep Max?

The problem with our body is the rapid adaptation to various 
stresses.  A fixed program for an experienced lifter would soon 
be of no gain if continued more than a few weeks. A second 
point is the need for rest.  Only after 9 years of lifting I've 
noticed that training a body part once a week only (YES, 
including arms) can increase your strength dramatically.  
The third principle is the specifity - i.e. if you want to lift heavy 
bench you should train on lifting bench press heavily, and do 
not mess around with lighter sets - these of course have their 
role in other exercises. Implementing these principles I finaly 
increased my max from 297 lb. to 352 in a course of a year 
and a half. No miracles, no drugs -  just hard work and 
imagination. For example:
Pyramid of 10,8,6,4 (increasing the weight) 
the next week 4 sets of 6
the next week sets of 4-5 reps
than light sets of 8 (70%) with very short rests. Of course after 
bench press comes all the rest - flyes, dumbell incline press, 
incline barbell press, cable cross-overs and pec dec.  Be 
carefull not to overtrain (more than 12 sets of chest per 
work-out) but drain yourself to the maximum. Proper form 
must be maintained and the spotter's help whould be kept 
to a minimum (only a slight help at the last rep.)

Yoram Weil  (from Jerusalem, Israel)

I hurt my shoulder and after that i put on about 15 pounds 
from drinking and eating poorly becasue I couldn't workout 
at all my weight ballooned all  the way up to 210 from 195 
during those 3 months.  I lost a lot of mass and stregth, my 
bench max went form about 265 all the way down to 230 
when the doctor cleared me to lift I decided to go on a 
healthy diet and work out 6 days a week.... I have been 
doing this for about 4 months now In that time I have 
managed to take my wieght from 210 and maxing 
about 230 down to 185 and my max is about 300.  The 
key for my was my diet i lowered my carbs to about 
40 - 50 percent the daily intake and consumed 2 shakes,
egg whites, grilled chicken and tuna.  I saw my best 
gains ever and this is still with a shoulder that isn't 100%.  
I found that the only way to make these gains is a proper 
diet and anybody that becames even remotly serious 
about lifting should eat properly with a lot of protiens, 
and make sure to take multi vitimins. And I found 
glutimine is and excellent suppliment to take before 
and after cardio b/c it minimizes burning off muscle 
tissue.  I now have cut lines on my chest and my 
shoulder as well as veins coming out in many places 
it may not work for everybody but I found this 
program and diet to be exceptional and my friend 
started the same one with my and he has seen 
great gains to I suggest to anybody lifting to go on 
this type of diet and remeber that dedication is the 
other key.


I'd like to recommend to anyone who experiences pain 
resulting from exercise, work or just plain living; the 
relief which therapeutic massage can do for you.  No, I'm 
not a massage therapist, but I am a client of one.  
Several years ago I injured my shoulders from lifting
weights.  A few months ago that injury came back to 
haunt me which totally affect my mobility and ability to 
lift weights.  It got to a point where I could not even lift a 
barbell (unloaded) over my head without some extreme 
pain in my shoulders.  I've seen my therapist for about a 
month and finally feel that I can start hitting the weights
again with her permission.  I've also been introduced to 
the benefits of Magnetic Therapy.  Because of the 
extent of my injury, she gave me some magnets 
(by Nikken) to try out.  Without the magnets in place, my
shoulder eventually gets stiff.  I'm convinced that this 
therapy works just as well.  If you decide to try massage 
therapy and your soreness is sports related, I suggest 
you find a therapist who is "sports injury" specialized.  
Check the internet, there's good search engines out 
there to help you find a therapist in your area.

Here's to rubbing you the right way -



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stack" The other ingredients are Saw Palemetto, Chrysin. and AMU. 
These other three ingredients are mean't to curb, or inhibit 
estrogen production. So, the components are meant to work 
together to boost testosterone, and inhibit estrogen. Right. 
The results????

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Andro-Shock. Within three days I felt more aggressive in the 
gym - my weights went up. I actually LOST a little weight, but that 
ended up being fat - a good thing. But, on the last day of the first 
week, something happened. Normally, my training partner are the 
best of friends. However, on this day, he made a comment about 
my quads, and I made a comment about his "wimpy calves", and 
we ended up on the floor beating the hell out of each other. THIS 
IS THE TRUTH!! This is the first time this has ever happened!!! 
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