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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 10/25/2000                  

The Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass
By Dan Gallapoo

Why do people workout and not make any muscle gains? I'll tell 
you why. Most people go into the gym to move weights and not 
workout with them.  They think that just because they can move
the weight, they are using the proper weight. 

Good gains will only be made by using the proper amount of 
weight. The muscle cannot tell if you are using 50 pounds or 
30 pounds, if you use momentum to move the weight. I use 
heavy weight because my body has adjusted to such poundages. 
I do not expect anyone to use the same weight I am using, when 
they have 14" arms. All I can recommend is that everyone
should leave their ego at home and go to the gym, to workout 
and not cheat their gains. You will get better gains, if you use a 
weight that you can move under full control. 

I see too many people who bounce the weight off their chests, 
arch their back, and swing the weight up. These techniques do 
not work. The purpose of going into a gym is to stimulate muscle 
growth, and not to show off what you can do. 

You've got to tell yourself the truth about your capabilities. I run 
into this problem almost every bench day. I want to add huge 
amounts of weight and perform terrible form , but I know that if I 
do that, I won't see any gains the next week. I see some people 
over estimate their strength. They start off with 135 on the bench, 
then they go straight to 225 (the strongman weight) and then try 
to force out 4 reps, when they should have been lifting 155 or 165. 

Strength will come with time. You've got to have a plan. A simple
plan is this:

Make a simple (honest) pyramid of what you can really do with 
good form. Then week after week add 2 1/2 to 5 pounds to the bar, 
on the 3rd to 5th set. Then you will slowly see results. Take your 
time with it and it will work. Don't expect to come into the gym 
and lift 50 pounds more than the last time. A 2 pound gain is 

You've got to be a intelligent lifter and not give into your ego. 
If I pick up a weight and it feels too heavy, I put it down and find 
a better feeling weight. I have hurt my back in the past 
performing cheat curls. Cheat curls do not work! They never did 
work, and they will never work. The only thing they do, is build 
up your ego and not your muscles. 

Lesson learned: A lighter weight under full control will be more
beneficial than a heavy weight under no control. 

The Best Way To Gain Muscle = Good Form!


A recent study at the University of Florida tested subjects over a 
period of 13 weeks. All subjects trained 3 times a week. They 
were divided into one group, which trained using one set 
(8-12 reps) and another using 3 sets (8-12) reps. And what was 
the conclusion? There were no significant differences between 
the two groups after 13 weeks! So what does this mean? It 
seems that more is not necessarily better. Try to keep your 
workouts intense and under 45 minutes. If you want to do 3 
sets, then do it, but it is not necessary on every exercise in 
every session.

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A study published in the European Journal of Applied 
Physiology tested the effects of androstenedione and 
androstenediol. Eight male subjects (mean age 24) were 
used in this double blind, placebo-controled study. The test 
showed that androstenedione raised blood concentrations
of testosterone more then androstenediol durring 90 
minutes after ingestion. It also showed that both forms of 
andro did indeed raise testosterone significantly more 
the the placebo.

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