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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 11/1/2000                  


Tricep Training

For months, I had been analyzing my tricep routine.  Rightfully 
so, they were not up to the standard I have set for myself.  The 
problem I faced was that I was not doing enough "mass" 
exercises for this muscle.  In my opinion, it virutally useless to 
do cable exercises and other pressing movements with medium 
to light weight when your goal is to build a strong powerful 
foundation of muscles. I started looking at the various 
different exercises that can be done with heavier weights for 
triceps.  kept coming back to one lift, dips.  Dips have a purpose 
twofold.  They can be done at the end of a workout to totally 
fatigue the triceps or they can be done as "heavy" movement 
with added weights.  The problem that I kept running into is the 
fact that when I added weights to this exercise by means of a 
chain hanging from a weight belt, I had the tendency to lean 
forward, bringing the pecs into the motion.  In an attempt to 
correct this problem, instead of using a belt designed to 
hang a weight from, I took a normal weight belt and looped a 
chain bought from a hardware store with an added  screw 
close clip ( the type a mountain climber might use)  but 
instead of hanging the chain and the weight to the front,  I put 
the chain and weight behind me.  I found that this helps 
counter act the tendency to lean forward and allows me to 
really blast my triceps.  The key is to take this movement 
slow and easy as not to excert too much force on your 
shoulders.  But the key to any exercise is slow controlled 
movements anyhow.  I've been doing this combination for 
several months now and have noticed good improvements 
and have not had any adverse problems / injuries due to 
the change of venue of the weights.

Joe Riggins

Bicep Tricep Workout 

Here is some information on upper arm training. I received 
an E-Mail about a person who only does two sets total for 
his upper arms, and he is having success with his muscle 
growth. That information helps reinforce the theory that 
more is not better. I used to work each bodypart 2 times 
per week. I stopped weight training for a long time, due to 
my work schedule. I didn't stop reading magazines and 
books. I realize that times change, and scientific studies 
have come a long way. I am 37 years old, 5' 6", and weigh 
85 lbs. Since I have been weight training again (about 3 
months) I just can't believe how my body is responding. 
After 6 weeks of  training  I decided to try creatine. I like 
to keep my workouts as simple as possible. I could 
actually watch myself grow. My upper arms are growing 
like crazy. And  I am doing less now than I used to, and I 
am getting better results. The fact is that the creatine is 
playing a big role in my growth because of muscle cell 
volumnizing. But I am giving my body longer to recover, a
nd that plays just as big as a role. If I work out my biceps 
on a Monday, I hit them again on Friday. The I only hit my 
biceps on Wednesday of the following week. So I am 
traing each bodypart 3 times every 2 weeks. Here is a 
typical upper arm work-out for me.

2 warmup sets with curl bar
3 x 8 with a curl bar increasing wieght each set
3 x 8 - 10 one arm preacher curls
2-3 x 8 - 10 alternating dumbell curls

Every couple weeks I substitute concentration curls for 
preacher curls, I  also do dumbell hammer curls instead 
of alternating dumbell curls.

My triceps a usually warmed up from my chest workout, 
so I go right at them hard.

3 x 6 - 8 close grip bench press
3 x 8 - 10 skull crushers
2 x 15 tricep kickbacks

I keep my workout simple but very intense. After taking 
creatine for three weeks my upper arms grew a little 
over two inches. Take a little more time to recuperate 
between workouts and keep your workouts simple.


My Best Workout For Size and Strength

Hello.  I am a 28 year old lifter who has spent the last 10 
years trying everything from pure bodyshaping routines 
to traditional strength related programs, including 
extensive work with heavy, akward objects for all-around 
functional strength.  One of the best programs I've found 
for size and strength is to train on Mondays, Wednesdays,
and Fridays for 30 minutes on 8 exercises:
1x10 (no gear or belt unless poor back requires support)
*full back squat
*bench press
*standing military press
*parallel dip
*standing barbell curl
*lying barbell triceps curl
I stand 6 feet tall and weigh 250 lbs. solid with confident 
size and strength.  I want to add that the 20 rep squat 
workouts are great for those who can maintain the 
necessary motivation to follow through on the required 
workouts. (Milk, peanut-butter, and eggs are the best 
foods to eat for ensuring faster recuperations and 
pre-workout energy)

Matt Talbott



A 7.5 year study done at the University of Washington
School of Medicine, monitored changes in fat percentage 
and sugar metabolism in 110 middle-aged men. The
tests showed that the men with the lowest testosterone 
levels gained the most fat. Also that declining 
testosterone is linked to muscle and bone loss and 
impairs metabolic health.

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