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           Truly Huge Fitness Tips
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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 11/15/2000                  


Rest Between Sets  

I don't know who to give credit to but, I read and have been trying 
a tip received several years ago with remarkable success. The
premis is that muscle tissue recovers totally within two (2) min. 
after stimulation. The theory is that if you rest no more than one 
(1) min. between sets or 60 seconds, you recruit more tissue 
deeper into the muscle rather than using the same tissue with 
each set. Using this method I've noticed the pump on the second 
set and increasing in intensity with each set, while working up
from light to heavy. creatine seems to intensify this pump when 
included in the regimen. If you have a workout partner it is 
normally the time used to change weights, perhaps thats why 
partners training seriously together get better results. 

Full Body Workout Routine

Here's a tip for all you out there trying to become Truly Huge! 
Forget about spending all your hard-earned money on fancy 
supplements when your training and diet still need improvement. 
Use the extra money you save on that bottle of this or that, and 
buy a couple of gallons of milk, a few dozen eggs, and maybe 
some whey protein powder at the very most.Next, get under the 
squat bar and do some real work. Start deadlifting, chinning, 
benching, dipping, military press, etc.-the compound 
movements. Don't waste your time doing so-called shaping 
exercises like cable flies, isolation curls, (isolation anything). 
These exercises work smaller muscle groups, and whether you
 like it or not, if you want to get big, you have to work the big 
muscles of the body-HARD! Free weights are best, but the 
better machines on the market will give the same results as 
long as you work very hard.

Last, don't spend 2 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week doing 
endless sets that only a roid freak would grow on. Two or 
three full-body routines a week lasting an hour at most is 
plenty. If you work with real intensity, like a GLADEE8ER,
you will be looking for the EXIT sign before the hour is 
even up - AND YOU WILL GROW. Good luck in 
everyones attempt to attain "Truly Huge" status!!


Proper Exercise Tips

For anybody who ever works out and really want's to exercise 
properly, just use these few tips!

- Find 4 to 6 really good exercises for any larger muscle 
groups, or 2-5 for even smaller muscle groups.
- Pick exercises that are mostly dumbbell and bar related, use 
very little machines!
- To find a good weight will take a little practice, but the best 
way to really work out hard is sets to absolute failure by 
increases weight and lowered repititions. First set should be 
about 12-14 reps giving every thing that you have using proper 
technique! 2nd set increases wight by 5 or ten pounds 
9-12 reps, again trying Hard as phsically possible to complete 
a set to failure! and 3rd set of the weight which is most 
challenging but can complete 6-9 reps and Have nothing left in 
you to lift once more! If you are more experienced lifter you 
may want to add another set, or superset the last exercise 
with about 67% the weight to failure.
- It doesn't matter what or how many exercises you do as 
long as you work to failure and use 90% proper form and 
technique, with very little momentum!
- Do a warm up before you exercise where you are sweating 
but not exausted, your heart should not be beating wildly, 
and as for rest between sets you should wait for however 
long you feel it takes for your heart to stop beating at a 
frantic pace, but not at resting pace either, only until you 
know you can once more give everything you got, these 
rests can take up to a whole 4 minutes!
- Always stretch after workouts, and do light to moderate 
stretch of the muscle being worked out so you can give 
everything that you got!
- Always Support your back!
- Never risk injury, if you know you can not finish a set 
without cheating it's probably because you've given 
everthing you got, so don't Swing, or Bounce!
- For each rep push the weight as hard as you can under 
control but don't let momentum do any work, eg, when you 
are doing Dumbell Flat bench Lift then as hard as you can 
until the last set is so hard that you have to squeeze your 
muscles to finish it, but NEVER push one side of your 
body off the bench to elevate the dumbbell!
- Drink, Drink, Drink, Water only, none of the Gatorade junk! 
Water is the only drink that properly feeds your muscles 
Oxygen and re-hydrates you bod of liquids!
 -Use a partner to workout, but don't have them spot you every 
set just let them be there for 1st rep lifts, or last rep absolute 
- Breaks: If you do a muscle group a certain day in the week 
only do that muscle group again when that muscle is not 
feeling sore, and that you know you can lift just like the 
other day, Eg. If you do chest it usually feels sore for days 
after, well don't work it out again until it is not sore, or 
else you'll just help yourself get weaker, because your 
muscles are too torn up to repair themselves in time.
- Get enough sleep that your body feels fine enough to 
work out!
- Eat a very well balanced diet, and get lot's of protein! Eat 
protein enriched meals an hour before workouts, and right 
after a workout, also include carbs, and don't eat extra fat, the 
amount of fat in a well balanced diet with meat is enough to 
get you ewnough energy and keep you slim while 
increasing metabolism!
- Exercise After Lunch when your body usually feels best!
- Go jogging every morning!
- Workout whenever you feel like it, Just don't work the same 
muscle group everyday, sometimes similar muscles get 
workout for different muscle groups eg, Triceps are worked 
out when you do Shoulder and Chest as well As traps, so 
keep longer breaks between those days, and do other 
muscle groups, like Legs!
- When you really know you can't workout, pick the muscle
that you rarely work on and do a little 20-30 minute 
exercise, and then do a lot of cardio, but don't change 
your diet! Eat Lots! But Eat Healthy!
- Focus on a mind set that will help you lift best, don't 
feel angry, sad, and don't laugh while lifting.
- Record or remember your results to make sure you're 
- Some times, Just rest!
- Wear proper workout gear

Here is an example of my chest routine:
Decline BarBench 3 sets: 12r x 135lb, 9r x 155lb, 7r x 165lb 
Flat Bench Dumbbells 3 sets: 12 x 55, 9 x 60, 7 x 65 super 
set> 5 x 45
Incline Dumbell bench 3 sets: 12 x 50, 9 x 55, 6 x 60> 
(ss) 6 x 40
Pec Deck 3 sets: 12 x 160, 10 x 170, 8 x 180
Incline Dumbell Flies 3 sets: 12 x 25, 9 x 30, 8 x 30 
(ss) 5 x 25
Dips: To Burnout (All sets are done to burnout currently the 
weight and reps shown are how much it takes until I can't do 
more, and each time I do the exercise I see improvement!

Later The Gianni Gone Bad!


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