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"After a year of other fat loss programs, I went from 
215 to 183, but still couldn't get the ripped abs even 
though I could feel themunderneath that small layer 
of fat. I've just started your GAJ Guide to Lose Fat & 
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from about 12 % to 10 % in 3 days and added 1 lbs 
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"I'm following the book to the tee, without any 
deviations....I'm actually losing inches and weight 
daily...It's truly amazing...and I'm actually able to 
eat....along with a great work out!

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"I am "enjoying" the GAJ Fat Loss Program.  After 
one week I have dropped 3 pounds and am 
beginning to see some definition around the edges 
of my abdominals.  I'll let you know how it goes.



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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 12/06/2000                  


Muscle Shock Deltoid Workout

Just wanted to share a quick effective way to shock those 
deltoids every once and a while, it is for advanced 
bodybuilders and does require a training partner, not to 
be a done with free weights and can also be used with 
other body parts that need that proverbial shock. Here 
goes, choose a weight that you can perform 6 reps 
with great form and full range of motion:
perform 6 positive reps
perform 6 forced reps w/training partner
perform 6 negative reps w/ training partner
now have your training partner assist and bring the stack 
up to 1/4 and you hold it under constant tension trying 
to drive it up. Believe me you won't be able to.
now do the same at 1/2 way
then it is up to 3/4's of the way.
That's it your finished with your shoulders, take a walk
around the gym then you shall feel your delts explode
 into a whole new dimension, one more thing do not 
lock out

Good luck with it..........Stag

I have always been very physical and active.   I played 
baseball for 11 years.  When I graduated H.S. I went to 
college, chased women and drank too much.   A year 
into college I was overweight and depressed.   I decided 
to go back into the gym and start working out again.   
Here are my tips for successful and fun training.  

The first important thing is nothing happens over night.   
Every one should understand that pro bodybuilders and 
athletes are genetically  blessed.  Most of us are not to 
their standards. However, that does not mean we 
should not feel strong and healthy.  

Never listen to the gimmiks all of these new cable and 
plastic rod  machines, they in my opinion are crap.    
Everyone tries to compete with free weights.   Well, if 
people are trying to obtain the standards and quality of 
one product why not get that product.   Free weights 
in my opinion are the only way to go,  they show your true 
strength,  they make you use your stabilizer muscles and 
its simply harder to lift due to the actual weight  being
supported by the lifter and not by cables.   Also its a big 
difference in balance.  I would recommend signing up to 
a gym that has a good free weight room and one where 
there are "big" guys.  They usually know better workouts 
and they are usually the ones that are committed to lifting.  
I would NOT buy a home gym, you will never use it and 
you don't get the same results because you are not 
pushed and you almost never have someone around to 
spot you.  Another bad part of a home gym is 
that it is at home, there are too many distractions.  
You can always do it later if its at your home, where 
as if you have to go to a gym.  You build a routine of 
going, its good to get out of the house, its safer 
because you have spotters, you learn different 
routines that actualy work, you make friends and 
most importantly you have fun working out with 

I've been dedicated for the past 5 years to lift 
consistantly through the 5 years, the longest lay off 
was about a month, due to school and one lay off of 
10 months due to a screwed up elbow and a couple 
days or a week off here and there to give my body the 
needed rest periods.    What Ii have learned is, there
is more to learn!!!!!   I become a smarter lifter every 
year.  It took me 4 years to learn that overtraining is 
worse than not training, and I have just recently 
learned that supplementation and good eating habits 
are the secret!!!  

I weighed around 183lbs this past summer and I had 
a bodyfat of 15-16%.  I'm only 5'9.  I decided to invest
some money into supplements and see what would 
happen.   6 months after beginning what I call heavy 
supplementation I now weigh 166lbs and at last check 
my body fat was 10%.  oh and I'm lifting heavier 
amounts of weight than when I weighed over 180 lbs 
(about to try 300 lb bench press)   

I can not speak highly enough of meal replacement 
supplements, I take 2 packs a day and have 3 good 
meals.   I also switch off between andro, and creatine.
 I also take a serving of whey protein after every workout. 
I cut out the fast food (only once a week) and I dont drink 
AS MUCH beer (sorry, I'm in college)  hahaha  I may
drink 2 to 4 times a month.  

Another main point is to learn what makes your body 
react the best.  I personally lift better if I eat 2 hours
before my workout and take in about 1500 calories 
day.   The meal replacements and whey  protein are 
suppling my body with lots the vitamins, minerals 
and amino acids (also very important).   Above all else, 
the one thing I've noticed that makes the most 
noticeable difference between the guy who is built ok 
and the one that is always getting bigger and stronger 
is that you must stick with it and never get  cocky!    
Within a month of working out youwill see a difference, 
 in about 2-4 months others will tell a difference. 
Through the rest of your lifting life you will hit 
plateaus,  low  points, aches, boredom,  highpoints 
and have great times.  What gets you past these lows 
and builds you up to surpass your last goal is dedication 
and willingness to out do yourself and others.  

In order for weightlifting to work, you must make it a 
part of your EVERYDAY lifestyle. its important to be 
consious of your body 24 hours a day.  It should 
be one of your top priorities. 



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