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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 12/20/2000                  

Too Much Exercise?
by Dan Gallapoo

The most common mistake I see most hard gainers making is 
that they consistently overtrain.  They overtax their muscles, 
endocrine system, and nervous system too frequently and 
don't allow enough recovery time. Hey, even if you're eating 
correctly, this means NO GAINS!  Weight training exercise is
pretty stressful on your body and if you're not recovering 
adequately from each training session, you will not grow.  
You don't grow when you're training, you grow when you're 

I have had several people send me their routines and I'm 
amazed that some folks can even do the volume of work that 
they are doing.  Almost every time I ask where they got the 
routine, they tell me that they got it from one of the muscle 
mags and it's the routine that Mr. Supreme Dictator of the 
Cosmos Bodybuilding Champ does.

I've got news for ya...Mr. Supreme Dictator of the Cosmos 
Bodybuilding Champ didn't even write that article that it 
says was written by him.  I know this for a fact!  I'm friends 
with someone who regularly "ghost-writes" articles for all 
the Mr. Supreme Dictator of the Cosmos bodybuilding 

Also, Mr. Supreme Dictator of the Cosmos Bodybuilding Champ 
is genetically gifted and has never had trouble making gains. 
He also has a lot of pharmaceutical assistance at his disposal. 
Actually at his level, his pharmaceutical bill runs about $60,000 
a year!  I'm not making this up!  I have interviewed several of 
these guys.

NOTHING that Mr. Supreme Dictator of the Cosmos Bodybuilding 
Champ does has any relevance to you and me, the Genetically 
Average Joe.

I can give you an exact formula for bodybuilding failure:  follow 
Mr. Supreme Dictator of the Cosmos Bodybuilding Champ's 
routine.  You'll not only NOT make any gains, you'll probably 
even go backwards in size and strength.

The best way for guys like us to train is to go heavy (5 to 8
reps) on the basic exercises.  Squats, deadlifts, bench press, 
chins, rows, standing press, barbell curls, and dips.  And don't 
try to do too many sets for each bodypart.  I would consider 
myself an advanced trainer and am carrying a fair amount of
size for my small skeletal structure and I only do 7 to 8 sets 
once a week for large muscle groups.  That is about what my
recovery abilities can handle.  So you really don't need that 
many sets to grow.

I really believe that most hard gainers should train to positive 
failure. In other words, if you are going to do 8 reps, the 
eighth one should be the last possible rep that you could do 
without assistance.  Although I think that sometimes out of 
laziness, or fear, we cheat ourselves and stop a set short 
when we could actually do another couple reps.

So that is what I believe is the best training formula for hard 
gainers: Basic, multi-joint exercises, train to positive failure, 
and perform only as many sets as necessary to stimulate 
growth...and you would be surprised how few that actually is.  
When in doubt, always err on the side of doing LESS sets.  I 
would venture to guess that 98% of the people who consult
with me about training are doing WAY too much exercise and 
have been overtraining like this for years...and of course
haven't made any appreciable gains for years!



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