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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 12/27/2000                  

by Don Lemmon

Let me tell you how things should have always been and need 
to always always be! You HAVE to learn to combine/mix/separate 
your foods correctly meal per meal to get anywhere with 
yourself. The stomach has no means by which to separate poorly 
combined foods. The digestive processes of protein, carbohydrate 
and fat food groups is so different that digestion cannot occur 
efficiently if the wrong food groups are in the stomach at the 
same time. For instance, the enzymes that act upon carbohydrates 
are not the ones that act upon proteins and fats. It isn't a bucket of 
acid like you think it is down there! The body wasn't designed to 
release all the different fluids needed to breakdown all the 
different types of foods at once! Come to respect digestive 
enzymes and their limitations. Once you do, as I have witnessed 
countless times before, you will achieve that dream physique in 
a fraction of the time and see not only food allergies almost 
completely disappear but health become restored. Why? 
Because you're finally allowing yourself to receive nourishment 
from properly digested mealsand foods. 

Give it a little time though. Allow all those years of dietary abuse 
to be reversed. (Divide your age by 2 and that is how many days 
it should take you to adjust; about a day for every two years you 
have been alive.) Your body given a chance, will wake up, and 
BOOM! First, you will begin to feel 'light' all of a sudden and next, 
fat will have began vanishing right before your very eyes! AND 
TO THE NOTE! (But try.) 

Food Separating

That means, I expect you to make some mistakes! But that is no 
excuse! Pay close attention! Improperly mixed foods sit in your 
digestive tract and spoil. They go undigested. You receive little
or none of the nutrients you are needing and expecting to get 
that are in those foods this way. Not only is that a waste but the 
spoiling process creates toxins and other poisons that can 
make you sick. That is why you should try not to let more than
2 1/2 hours go between feedings all day, every day. (Assuming 
it takes 1/2 hour to finish each meal, and scheduling meals 
3 hours apart.) In case something doesn't get efficiently 
digested, then that last meal can be pushed through your 
digestive tract by another incoming meal. Think of the food in 
your stomach as a clog in a drain. Something must be put on 
top of that food to shove it through by applying enough 
pressure behind it that moves it down and out your drainage 
(digestive) system. 

You'll always be 'clogged' or 'backed up' unless this process 
is taken into consideration meal after meal. Skipping feedings 
is then, whether you believe it or not, worse for you than over 
eating. Skipping a meal may mean allowing things in your gut 
to rot. Therefore, eating only breakfast, lunch and dinner as 
main meals without snacking barely nourishes you (especially 
since you have been taught to cram all four food groups into 
them, not providing the proper atmosphere for digestion 
anyhow, and nothing is put on top of them soon enough to 
push the food through before it rots). Four meals a day 
maintains your metabolism (because it pushes one of the 
three rotted meals stuck in your gut out); but five meals 
speeds and six meals a day optimizes your digestive system. 
Another reason your body was designed to break down only 
individual food types at a time is the same as the reason why 
multiple feedings are necesary; because the body is unable 
to absorb 100% of anything all in one sitting and it takes 
complete digestion to recieve anything at all from something. 

You need to be able to receive your nourishment and that is 
unfortunately only possible in bits and pieces that you can 
handle, not from handfuls of pills or buffet style meals, but 
from frequent, properly mixed meals. Properly combine your 
foods if for only this one last reason (not just to remain
healthy, but) to LIVE LONGER and you will watch all of your 
vain needs be met at the same time. Once you determined 
how to fit all six feedings a day into your schedule (or at 
least five), remember to also alternate between two or three 
carbohydrate and three protein/fat meals. Two of your meals 
are actually snacks, not full meals. Try cottage cheese, or 
peanut butter (no sugar added) on celery as a snack or fruit a
nd yogurt or BALANCE nutrition BARS if you'd like that
 instead. (I know, there is protein AND fat WITH carbs in 
these bars. It's OK. The ratio of those nutrients all coming 
from the same food source at such a calorie level actually 
benefits you.) If you can't do three snacks and have time for 
only five feedings, plan either breakfast and lunch OR both 
snacks being the carb meals. You should never have two 
carbohydrate feedings in a row. That sets off a trigger 
response for your body to burn muscle tissue and store 
fat, where as the opposite, two fat/protein meals in a row, 
is optimal and gets you burning fat instead but there has
to be twice the calories in fat there are from protein. 
Sounds good, but it's confusing because you haven't 
heard this before? Beats me why not. But what I have 
taught you thus far should have explained to most of
you why what you do may work and why what some of 
you are doing cannot. Then again, I know some are still 
panicking because it looks as though I suggest one of 
those higher fat diets or something completely off the 
wall like that. 

Don't worry about the fat you eat or how different this program 
appears to be. You are now going to be eating those taboo foods in 
conjunction with one another in a total diet that allows you to burn 
both dietary and stored bodily calories as opposed to continuing to 
store them as excess body fat. I also realize a small percentage of 
you think and feel you will not succeed unless you eat a lower fat 
diet. You poor souls have been so abused! We have one group 
going low-fat and the other screaming high fat! There is a group 
somewhere in the middle though too talking about a moderate 
carbohydrate intake. You've all been misled! It seems like 
everybody around here is either giving or taking the wrong 
advice. And who came up with all this stuff? I dunno! But you 
are all actually somewhat correct believe it or not. (I will not 
suggest you know why though.) 

The problem here is this; too many people are pretending they 
have discovered something by boldly promoting eating plans 
they wouldn't have looked twice at just a short while ago. They
think their 'new' fad system is so unique at the moment because 
it seemed to have worked for a few weeks on someone, 
somewhere, somehow. It's really confusing because these diets 
either exceed 30% of the calories in fat when not too long ago 
the same authors were sticking to their guns and saying go low 
fat OR there are diets professing to increase your dietary fat 
intake by simply cutting your carbohydrates in half being all the 
rage. Some other clown over there is still eating lowfat all the 
time or touting their battles of the bulge, it's rough. (What I 
mean is, most of those who push any of these programs 
nowadays did not achieve what they have by practicing what 
they currently preach and others refuse to quit pushing 
programs that never worked to begin with. I will not discuss 
the use of drugs here by the way.) 

Pharmaceuticals are definitely not a part of a truly successful 
program either, people. Some of the people you see promoting 
'their' diets on TV had 'work' done too to look good for their
appearances ya know! Yeah, yeah, you thought the people in 
the magazines or on TV that have been rammed down your 
throats for so long and are in pretty decent physical condition 
(or not) are the prophets of our times. They are actually 
borderline clueless. So let's progress things one, or two steps 
ahead. Heck, it may even be three. Who's right out of the 
bunch? Despite everything, they all are! Kinda. The closest 
were the ones who separated their proteins from starches. But 
they still ate too much fat with their carbs! You know, olive oil 
on pasta! Aargh! Some of what each of them say then IS true, 
but most IS either NOT true (unintentionally), stolen from 
someone else (intentionally), based on the results of only 
the author, a small group of people (such as only testing the 
program on a few college students or close friends who
probably 'supplemented' as well), is only PART of the big 
picture, they dont know why or what part of it is working or it is 
coming from the tail end of a bandwagon somebody's just 
climbed on (thus, being stolen). 

Let me put it this way. A program is only successful if it works 
with and not against the natural mechanisms of the human body 
for all different types of people ALL THE TIME. Doesn't reach
serious roadblocks EVER. Continues to work CONTINUOUSLY. 
And stands the test of time. Most authors today haven't given 
their programs that much thought or attention. It doesn't matter
how wonderful their marketing campaigns have been. Its 
obvious they didn't read the most easily accessible journals 
close enough before jumping the gun. They didn't put two and 
two together first (going into it only having one third or one 
half of the total picture figured out). No amount of arguing or 
promotion is going to get your digestive fluids to react any 
other way than they already do! Sorry! If you don't separate 
and properly combine your foods, the diet cannot work and 
they ARE WRONG. How could it be? These people haven't 
had as much practical one on one experience as they should 
have. Well, I did and I do. Do not get me wrong. Whatever
program it was you were on last probably did work for awhile. 
Cut your calories back a bit and most all programs do work. 

But I have a couple of questions to ask you. The questions a
re 1) When will that diet begin to quit working for you? 2) Why 
did it suddenly fail? 3) Did it leave you with unattractive loose
fitting skin? And 4) How do you get out of such a rut? You now 
know by alternating carbohydrate and fat/protein meals (which 
yes, somewhat lowers your overall intake of carbohydrates), 
you can work out the glitches of any program you have tried 
before. If you have been eating low-fat, add a few low 
carbohydrate meals to your daily schedule. If you have been
ating low carbohydrate, add a couple low fat meals to your 
daily schedule. If you have been mixing proteins, fats and 
carbohydrates on a diet that leaves you eating in a zone 
of 30% proteins, 30% fats and 40% carbs, all you have to do 
is to place the carbs you eat in meals separate from the 
proteins and fats. It's pretty darn simple. 

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