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Dr. Jean Williams, Professor, Youngstown, OH - "I'm 65 
and since meeting Mr. Lemmon I have been eating three 
times the food I normally would. I have lost over thirty 
pounds of fat and my doctor has taken me off medication 
that I've been on for over 30 years as a diabetic with 
lupus. My husband and I just LOVE him! I have made 
more progress in the 3 months with Don than I have on 
all other trainers and programs combined! Plus, my 
stomach pains are gone!" 

Mike Coy, Trainer, San Francisco, CA - "This may seem 
elementary at times. Read it and do it. You've taken a 
lot for granted. I have body built, been a pro wrestler, 
and worked with a lot of different systems over the years. 
This IS what works." 

Kristi Davis, Masseuse, Medical Secretary, Burbank CA - 
"Finally! I feel comfortable about the way I look in 
clothes, when I go out, and in the mirror after getting 
out of the shower! And I feel tough too! Nothing like 
having strength!' 

Tony Fabrizzio, Real Estate Agent, Las Vegas, NV - "I 
entered a natural (drug free) body building contest in 
1995 promoted by Denny Kakos and even though the 
judges said I was listed on score cards as the winner, 
I was asked to withdraw. The competitors protested 
saying nobody could look as ripped (lean) as I did 
without taking drugs! I think they needed Don 
Lemmon's KNOW HOW!" 

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      FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/10/2001                  

Ten Tips To Help You Get Bigger Muscles
Author Unknown

1. Set a goal as of today and work out exactly how you are 
going to get there. For example, if you see yourself as 20 
pounds heavier in six months, break down exactly how you 
are going to get there. You see, you need to set goals and 
keep to them. Your mind will then be constantly aware of 
these goals and work towards them. If you don't know 
where you want to go, then you will never get there! You 
need to be specific and have a plan.

2. Change your routine as often as is needed to keep 
progressing. By this, one doesn't mean changing what 
works for you, but changing the order of your exercises, 
reps, sets and ultimately moving away from those 
exercises which are not giving you results.

3. You must train with progressive poundages in order to 
make size and strength gains. Don't just keep switching 
around your exercises never getting stronger on any of 
them, make sure that you have beaten you personal 
best poundage for the current rep range you are working 
with before moving on to another exercise. Progressive 
poundages combined with training variety will unlock 
new growth for you!

4. Don't overtrain! Don't train too long or too often. Keep 
it intense and try to "work the muscle", rather than "lift 
the weights"! Get a pump and feel your muscles doing 
the work.

5. Consume Whey protein within half an hour of finishing 
your training. Have another shake before going to sleep 
and one upon awakening. This ensures that you are 
getting quality protein at the most crucial times in 
your bodybuilding day!

6. Drink lots and lots of water. The majority of your body 
is made up of water, drink at least 2 quarts a day. Do 
this and you will get a lot bigger!

7. Don't take anything which produces estrogen; these 
being foods such as Soya, Cannabis or alcohol.

8. Sleep at least 8 hours a night! Growth takes place
 when you are asleep. No sleep, no growth!

9. Take Creatine Monohydrate. It will help volumize the 
muscle cells. 

10. Don't give up. This cannot be emphasised enough. 
As long as you are motivated in the first place and 
persistent, you will get the bigger muscles that you want.

How To Build Bigger Muscles 



Chrysin is a flavone which is a naturally occurring chemical 
extracted from a botanical source that exerts powerful effects 
on the body. 

The body has a tendency to convert excess testosterone 
into estrogen (aromatization) which can cause side effects 
to bodybuilders on heavy testosterone supplementation. 
Such estrogenic side effects include highly sensitive and 
enlarged nipples (gynecomastia) and skin rashes. 

Chrysin can help block the body from converting 
testosterone into estrogen. Since most bodybuilders and 
many athletes are interested in elevating their testosterone
 levels with supplementation, Chrysin is an ideal 
supplement to take in conjunction with other testosterone 
boosters in order to prevent feminizing side effects. 

Scientific studies in Europe show that Chrysin has the 
potential to increase testosterone concentrations in excess 
of 30% (and have the concentrations REMAIN as 

Chrysin is the main flavonoid that Dan Duchaine referred 
to as "Flavone X" in an article in Muscle Media magazine 
entitled "Flavone X: The next frontier in drug-free muscle 
building!" in which he begins with: 

"The following information may be some of the most 
important writing I've ever done. It's applications will 
profoundly influence a man's body from puberty until 
death. By manipulating naturally occurring estrogen in 
the male metabolism, an individual will allow greater 
height gains during adolescence, raise testosterone 
production to 30% over normal, and postpone the 
declining testosterone secretion that occurs from 
middle age onward..." 

He goes on to explain the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal 
Axis in detail and describes the dangers of aromatization 
in bodybuilders. Dan then states that Flavone X will inhibit 
aromatases and that most men will experience an increase 
of at least 20% over normal testosterone levels! 

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